Bunny blocks are here just in time for Easter! These blocks are great for kids of all ages whether you have younger kids or older kids. Not only are these bunny blocks fun, but they make wonderful Easter basket fillers! Bunny blocks are a great alternative to candy which is great if your kids doesn’t handle sugar well or has allergies!

Bunny blocks with white blocks, blue, pink, green, and orange- built to look like a bunny with a carrot
Easter is around the corner and these blocks are perfect!

Bunny Blocks

Easter is by far one of my favorite times of the year. It means Spring is officially here and the world is painted in color. With that being said, if you haven’t thought of things to fill those Easter baskets with yet, here’s a fun thing to get you started…

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Carrot and bunny built with bunny blocks on white background
What will you be building? You can build the Easter bunny!

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What Are Bunny Blocks?

Bunny Blocks – – these adorable connective blocks help your child with fine motor skills and in the end, they have an adorable bunny! Every brick easily connects to the next making it easy for little hands to build the bunny or any shape they want.

Young man holding a blue bunny block
These blocks are a great STEM activity!

Turns out they are great for preschoolers and double as a fantastic STEM activity! Because these blocks are a STEM toy you can empower your child with explorative play. And encourage them to practice fine motor skills, creativity, and logic.

Tub of bunny block and Easter bunny with carrot on a white background
These are perfect for on the go too!

And, did you know that these blocks are not only perfect for on the go play. It also comes in a tube so it’s easy to disconnect, store and travel with. Perfect for those long car rides!

Cylinder of plus plus big Easter bunny blocks on white background
These blocks are perfect for preschoolers.

What Does Bunny Blocks Include?

This tube includes 15 BIG pieces and instructions to build a Bunny. It is rated for children 2 years of age and up.

Get bunny blocks at Amazon- Bunny with carrot
Get these plus plus big blocks at Amazon!

You can grab this adorable tube of Bunny Blocks on Amazon for $10.99 here. It’ll make a perfect addition to any Easter basket!

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What do you think of these bunny blocks?

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