At this time of year, I am always trying to figure out something to give the kids on my holiday list something that won’t be broken or annoying by the end of Christmas day.

It is one of the reasons why I have given Green Kid Crafts {Kids Activities Blog sponsor} subscription boxes in the past.  I love that they get something each month!  It spreads the cheer throughout the year.

Green Kid Crafts Subscription Box for Kids

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts is earth-friendly creativity packed into a box.  Each kit has 3-4 craft and STEM science activities.  The great things for parents/caregivers is that everything you need to complete an activity is IN THE BOX.  That means I am sitting down and doing something with my child vs. hunting through the house for something to use.

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They are geared for ages 3-10.  My 8 year old loves them and he is at the level where he can do most everything on his own without help.


Subscription Boxes for Kids

We have been receiving Green Kid Crafts kits all year and each one is packed with hours of fun.  The one that we are sharing today is the Legends & Folktales.

This one had 3 main activities and each of those had alternate activity suggestions.

Green Kid Crafts Catapult

The first thing my 8 year old chose to build was the catapult.  If you have been a Kids Activities Blog reader for awhile, you know we are a little obsessed with catapults!

This one used the Green Kid Crafts box as the base and a strong rubber band, a craft stick and cup as the catapult mechanism.  Pom-poms, colored craft sticks and a Green Kid Crafts tape measure had him launching projectiles and then measuring and recording where they landed.

Green Kid Crafts Tell a Story

The story-telling kit was our next challenge.  There were all sorts of fabric scraps, pipe cleaners, wooden dowels and disks that we used to create people for our stories.  I thought the wooden discs were perfect for creating a chair or table.  My 8 year old son used them as shields and weapons.

It is all in the story that you are telling!

Everything we needed was in the box including glue.  I really appreciate that because last time I checked the glue in the craft drawer at home was completely dried up!

Green Kid Crafts Dress Up with Homemade Crown

The last thing we made from this box was a crown.  What a clever idea!  It was simply a plastic headband and some pipe cleaners  along with some sparkly pom-poms.

I might have completely taken over this craft!  I love when things are this simple.

It fit well on everyone’s head and was something that I kept finding in another room for days afterward because it is irresistible!

Gifts for Kids

Each box has a completely different theme taking kids on a creative journey.  We made this stop-motion video with the coaster project from the GIFTS MADE BY ME box which is packed with things that kids can make and give.

The quality of the box, materials and instructions is great.  It is a gift that really does keep kids busy for hours.

Green Kid Crafts subscriptions are available in monthly, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions.  There is also a sibling option that will add additional supplies to the kit so all can play.

Here is a preview of what is coming up in the Explorer Science Series:

Explorer Science Series Green Kid Crafts

Send a series of boxes to a relative or sign up your own child!

Thanks so much to Green Kid Crafts for being a Kids Activities Blog sponsor!

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