We love science – it’s no secret. We even wrote a book about! (It’s number one on our list below.) We find that kids are very interested in how things work, so we love to find ways to explain and explore that in fun ways. These are some of our favorite gifts for kids who love science like we do. We think they’ll adore them! (This post includes affiliate links.) 10 Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Science

10 Great Gifts for Kids Who Love Science

The 101 Coolest Simple Science Projects $13.22 This is our book! Yep, we wrote it and it’s packed full of awesome science projects using household items. These are so much fun. (You can read more about it here.) The 101 Coolest Simple Science Projects Steve Spangler Science Club $24.99 Steve Spangler is SO much fun and his science club is perfect for little scientists. Get hands-on science experiments delivered to your door each month. Steve Spangler Science Club Lab Gear $14.99 If you’re going to do some science experiments, look the part! Our kids love to play dress-up, too, so this is a fun gift idea. Lab Gear Hydroponics Kit $21.83 Grow plants with no water! This fun kit comes with everything you need to study botany in a fun way along with a gardening diary. Hydroponics Kit Ozobot $59.99 Ozobot Bit empowers your child to create adventures, play games, solve problems and learn to code anywhere they go. Use it in the real world with markers and a piece of paper, on the computer or on one of our fun apps! Ozobot MudWatt $23.99 This is so cool – build and grow your own living fuel cell from mud! Mud Watt Science Instruments T-Shirt $19.00 So cute! Scientists can be totally fashionable. Science Instruments T-Shirt Thinking Putty $14 This is a lot of fun (it comes in lots of color options, too.) It can stretch like rubber and bounce like a ball, and because it’s silicone-based, it won’t dry out or crumble over time. Thinking Putty Osmo Starter Kit $78 This game system – that attaches with an iPad – has learning games to teach kids coding, math and so much more in a really fun way. Osmo Tasty Science $10.99 So much fun for kids who love science and food! Why does soda fizz? Why does cake rise? Answer those questions with these fun experiments. Tasty Science

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