It is as easy as pie? Ummmm…has anyone ever MADE pie crust from scratch? It is as easy as ABC. Anyone who has tried to teach a child their ABCs knows that it isn’t always easy! alphabet activities for preschoolers Which is why at we have some really fun letter learning ideas: DIY Alphabet Crackers ?oh the cuteness! Alphabet Keepsake Book <–learning & memories combine. Bathtub I-Spy <–isn’t bathtime the BEST? Simple Alphabet Game <–adorable and such a fun resource Make a Letter Zipline <–one of my all-time fav projects…and it is easy! Want literally endless no-set-up alphabet learning ideas? Check out the 495 pages of Fun With Letters – over 18 pages PER letter: FUN WITH LETTERS Print & play. Print & learn. You get all the glory without any of the hassle! Oh, and learning the alphabet really is as easy as ABC…ha! Have a fun day! {hugs} Holly P.S. We created Fun With Letters because I was terrible at follow-through of good ideas. I started ‘letter of the week’ at home and made it ALMOST to “e”. My poor kids! That is what is behind this simple (yet mighty) resource.

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