This ride on snow plow for kids is not only fun, but a great way to get your kids to help you shovel snow. Kids of all ages, particularly older kids like preschoolers, kindergarten kids, and elementary aged kids can use this ride on snow plow! It’s seriously cool!

Ride On Snow Plow for kids in the snow with a boy riding on it outside
Kids will have a blast with this snow plow!

Ride On Snow Plow For Kids

I loathe shoveling snow. I’m more of a mow the grass kind of girl. With that being said, you can now give the task of shoveling snow to your kids!

Now hear me out.

I don’t mean throw them out there with a shovel! Get them this ride on snow plow. Like look how seriously cool this thing is!

Young kid in blue and maroon snow outfit and tractor with a snow plow
Move snow, scoop up snow, and play in the snow!

This Ride On Snow Plow For Kids Actually Works

You Can Get Your Kids A Pedal Powered Snow Plow That Actually Lets Your Kid Pick Up Snow!

Isn’t that cool?

Ride around in style, push the snow off the side walk, and pick it up! Kids can play outside in the snow, and play in the snow! I really wish they had this when I was a kid.

Red and yellow ride on vehicle turned into a ride on snow plow with a young smiling boy moving snow
Turn any ride on into a snow plow with this Snow Master attachment.

How To Set Up Your Ride On Snow Plow For Kids

All you need is a pedal powered ride-on toy and the snow plow attachment and your little one is ready to go in the snow.

Red Rolly X-Trac Model two versions with snow plow and without snow plow
The red Rolly X-Trac model is available in two versions… with the snow plow and without the snow plow.

The red Rolly X-Trac model is available in two versions: with loader and without loader.

I believe this would work on most tractor ride on vehicles or one of the other construction type ride on vehicles for kids.

Then you just attach the snow plow attachment and the kids will have a blast in the snow!

Jean and black coat wearing kid riding a red ride on snow plow outside
Clear the side walk and also use the snow to build a great snowball fort!

My Kids Will Love This Ride On Snow Plow

I don’t know about you, but my kids are going to love this! They love snow, they’re out there anyway, and if this gets them playing and helping out with chores, then I’m down.\ And of course I’ll be out there helping, but this cute little ride on snow plow will also help save my back!

Similar Items To This Super Fun Kids Snow Plow Ride On

Unfortunately the snow plow is no longer available, but here are some similar products that will do the same!

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Are you interested in getting your kids a ride on snow plow? Do you think it’s a cute idea to get kids to help with chores?

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