She Becomes A Real Life Mermaid After Her Burns Are Treated With Fish Skin!

There are things being done in science and medicine that no one in a million years could have predicted. Or maybe they could have, but they probably would have been locked up in a sanatorium and treated with leaches or something. The idea that people can live after cancer, after heart attacks, after a stroke is something that wouldn’t have been believed a hundred years ago. And the things that we think are life-altering now will be considered old-school a hundred years from now. There are so many leaps and bounds being made daily that it’s impossible sometimes to keep track of what’s real and what’s imagined. This woman received brutal burns and was treated in a most unconventional way by a new therapy that seems like it should be science fiction. Take a look!

That her skin could be made to heal by using fish skin to bind her wounds is unthinkable. And blows my mind. Then again, people probably thought the same thing about leaches back in the day, so maybe they were on to something, too…

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