Our Favorite Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition Ideas

This Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition may just be my favorite holiday tradition for kids. It is something that my family used to do when I was growing up, and I’ve continued to do it with my kids and the perfect family holiday idea to go along with Christmas pajamas!

Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition

Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition

We have been celebrating Christmas eve with a Christmas Eve box since I can remember.

What is a Christmas Eve Box?

Christmas Eve boxes are typically given to young children as a way to break up the anticipation of the next day with some small gifts and activities.

BBC News, The Curious Case of the Christmas Eve Box

Making your own Christmas Eve box tradition is easy to start this year. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

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Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition

Supplies Needed to Make a Christmas Eve Box

  • For this holiday tradition, you’ll first need a box.
  • Printable “Do not open until Christmas Eve” tags – see free printable file below.

Any box will do — I found a pretty gift box this year, but in the past, we’ve used old shipping boxes or even t-shirt boxes.

Christmas Eve Box Holiday Tradition

Inside, pack items that will help you have a fun Christmas Eve!

Gift Ideas to Add to Your Christmas Eve Box

Wrap up your box, add a cute tag, and put it under the tree!

More Gift Ideas To Add To Your Christmas Eve Box

We have even more Christmas Eve box ideas! Kids of all ages will love these fun Christmas Eve box ideas.

  • Reindeer food- Let your kids feed Santa’s reindeer. It’s a fun activity while they wait for the big day and their Christmas gifts.
  • Board Games- They make small board games or small versions like of checkers and classic games. This is a great family activity.
  • Jigsaw puzzles- You can also find small puzzles to put into your Christmas gift box.
  • Battery Christmas lights- You can find these at Target and they’re perfect for allowing kids to decorated their rooms.

Download & Print Do Not Open Until Christmas Eve Tag Here

I always looked forward to opening my Christmas Eve box as a kid. And I hope my son does, too!

More Christmas Treats Perfect for Christmas Eve

Another great way to get into the Christmas spirit, is to make these sweet festive treats!

Things to do on Christmas Day at Home

Not sure what to do around the house on Christmas day after all the presents are opened?

Christmas tree slime - fun gift idea for kids

Make Holiday Slime Recipes

free christmas printables

Print out these FREE Christmas Printables! 

Has your family celebrated the holidays with a Christmas Eve Box?


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