There are a million reasons to need Christmas Preschool worksheets or Christmas Kindergarten worksheets you can quickly download and print. These simple Christmas themed worksheets make learning fun and festive at home or in the classroom. These printable Christmas activity sheets are great for kids ages 3-8.

Preschool Christmas printable worksheets and Christmas Kindergarten worksheets to print and play - 5 are shows with various games
There is something for every Preschool & Kindergarten age child in our Christmas worksheet package!

Preschool & Kindergarten Christmas Worksheets

At my house we like to use printable themed worksheets as boredom busters, learning boosts and something super quick and easy to hand to a kid at a moment’s notice.  These make a really simple after preschool or after Kindergarten Christmas activity. Click red button to download the Christmas worksheets pdf:

The Christmas season is full of quiet moments that having an easy preschool worksheet to hand a preschooler or a simple Kindergarten worksheet to hand a Kindergartner will be a life-saver! My favorite are the Christmas tree worksheets…but you decide!  Wait, I really like the Christmas search and find worksheet too…

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1. Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets: Color By Number

Christmas Kindergarten worksheets- color by number Santa printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s color Santa Claus with this color by number worksheet.

This is the first page of our Christmas kindergarten worksheet set! And it’s a fun color by number worksheet. When you color in all the numbers, what picture does it make? I’ll give you a hint! He is jolly and goes “Ho Ho Ho!”

2. Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets: Connect The Dots

Christmas Kindergarten worksheets- connect the dots Christmas tree printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Let’s connect the dots to make a Christmas tree!

Here is the second page in our Christmas kindergarten worksheet set. Connect all the dots. If you connect all the dots from number 1 to 28 it makes a very special picture. What is it? I’ll give you another hint. You hand ornaments on it!

3. Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets: Maze

Christmas Kindergarten worksheets- mazes with elves and color printed pdf file- kids activities blog
Can you get the Elf through the maze to Santa Claus?

This is the third page of our Christmas kindergarten worksheet set. The Elf needs to get all the presents to Santa Claus! Can you make it through the winding maze, get all three presents, and make it to Santa Claus? I believe in you!

4. Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets: Count and Color

Christmas kindergarten worksheets- color the pictures with presents and Christmas trees printed pdf files- kids activities blog
You need to color how many presents? And how many Christmas trees?

Here is the fourth page in our Christmas kindergarten worksheet set. This count and color worksheet is so much fun! You need to color 5 presents. And then you need to color 3 Christmas trees! Since the pictures are a bit smaller I think fine point markers, gel pens, or colored pencils would work best on this Christmas worksheet.

Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets- word search Christmas printed pdf file black and white with green- kids activities blog
Can you find all the words in our Christmas word search?

This is the last page in our Christmas kindergarten worksheet set! And it’s a word search. Word searches are so much fun. Since this is a Christmas word search, it’s even better! Can you find all the words? You need to fine: candy cane, deer, elf, gift, merry, Rudolph, Santa, and tree.

Download & Print Christmas Worksheet pdf Files Here

These Christmas Kindergarten worksheets are sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

You need to be able fill out our Christmas kindergarten worksheets! Need something to write with? We got you! You can use:

Christmas Printable Worksheets for Kids Printable Pack

  1. Christmas Worksheet #1: There’s one fun color by number page – can you tell what the Christmas themed hidden picture is?
  2. Christmas Worksheet #2: There’s a Christmas tree dot-to-dot page that can also double up as a coloring page once finished.
  3. Christmas Worksheet #3: You’ll also find a fun count and color practice page in this pack where preschoolers and Kindergartners can count presents or Christmas trees.
  4. Christmas Worksheet #4: My favorite is the Christmas maze to get Santa to the presents.
  5. Christmas Worksheet #5: Last but not least there’s also a simple word search puzzle with a holiday theme using words like: Rudolph, Santa, Tree
christmas worksheet activity packet - 10 worksheets for pre-k and kindergarten themed christmas
Oh so many more fun Christmas worksheets for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Free Christmas Preschool Worksheets

Since kids are always at different levels, we put this printable worksheet package for Christmas together with both preschool and Kindergarten age kids in mind (ages 3-6).  When using these with preschool kids, pages like the maze, color-by-number and count and color will be right on target for their skill level.  If they are just entering preschool, you may want to print just those pages.

For the more complicated pages, you may want to assist them or create a learning experience together.  The Christmas tree dot-to-dot is a fun place to practice number recognition…even if they can’t count and recognize the number that high.  And the Christmas word search is challenging, but word searches are simply letter pattern recognition skills.  You may be surprised at how well they do if you work on one word at a time.

Free Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets

For kindergartners, these worksheets will likely be devoured quickly!  They have seen all of these worksheet types and are probably familiar with the rules of each Christmas activity.  Encourage kids to decorate the Christmas tree dot-to-dot with some ornaments they create themselves.  And if the Christmas word search is challenging, do it together.


  1. This fun and engaging Pre-K and K printable packet of Preschool Christmas activities has 10 pages of activities to include:
  • Color by Letters
  • Letter Tracing
  • Image Recognition
  • Line Drawing
  • Counting
  • Number Recognition
  • Number Tracing
  • Letter Recognition
  • Coloring
  • Early Phonics
  • and more!
  1. These easy Christmas math worksheets are perfect for pre-K.
  2. Kids will have fun with these letter and Christmas writing worksheets.
  3. This Christmas themed dot to dot worksheet preschool is so fun!

Looking for even more Christmas printable fun?

How are you using the Christmas worksheets for preschool & Kindergarten?

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