Babies who grow up with pets are the luckiest of all the babies. It’s like they have a best friend from the day they were born. Dogs, especially. Cats…well, sometimes cats are jerks, so the best friend comment is left out to jury. But growing up with a pupper is great for a baby. Take this baby and husky. I don’t know what they’re saying, but they seem to be speaking each other’s language. More than that, it’s like they act like siblings, trying to talk over each other. And it’s stinkin’ adorable! Take a look! I don’t know what the conversation is about, but someday I’m guessing Google will develop a translation app for it, and I’ll have to check it out again. Until then, it’s just super cute seeing these two ‘talking’ to each other…even if it’s in a very loud, and slightly animated way.

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elderly-high-school-student husky-howling

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