This Husky Puppy And This Owl Are Best Friends (The Even Kiss!)

Friendship comes in all shapes and forms. For my son, it once came in the form of a gecko who liked to hang out around our bathroom window. Every day my son would check on this gecko, and for whatever reason, the gecko had no fear of the kiddo. There were a couple of times he even pet him without the gecko running away. It was magical and bizarre and so fun to watch. But that’s what friendship is, right? A little bit of magic shared between two beings? For this husky puppy and this owl there is a lot of magic. This unlikely friendship is absolutely endearing to watch and seeing them share sweet exchanges will make your day all the better. Take a look!

Some days it’s hard to get motivated and moving about, but seeing something like this can change everything around. These two have definitely brightened my day and now I can’t wait to find a little magic of my own, and, who knows…maybe make a new friend!

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