My puppy is nearly four months old, and uses her cuteness as a weapon. She’ll do something she’s not supposed to do – right in front of me – and then fuss in the cutest way possible to keep from getting into trouble. After watching this video, I think that might be a puppy trait, and not just my little tyrant. When the little guy in this video runs away from his owner and straight into the street, ‘daddy’ tries to tell him how much trouble he’s in. Only, this pup is NOT having it and talks back the entire time. Take a look!

Like I said, cuteness as a weapon. Yes, the guy in the video is going to have to keep that cutie on a leash from now on, but I think more than that he’s going to have to find a way to look past all that fluffy cuteness to figure out how to get the words ‘no’ to stick with this little beastie. And as soon as he does, I hope he makes a video ’cause I could use some help with that, too.

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