15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes for Easter

I had no idea there were so many amazing desserts to be made from marshmallow treats. These 15 fun and yummy peep recipes are also great to keep around if you find yourself left with tons of Peeps after Easter ends!

15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes, treats, desserts, peeps recipes, 15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes by kids activities blog.
Let your kids make these colorful and tasty peeps recipes!

Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes for Easter

Love it or hate them, Peeps marshmallow candies pretty much heralds the Easter season. Even if you aren’t keen on trying these yummy Peeps recipes, you can always find a purpose for your Peeps! Whether it’s making Peeps play dough, or experimenting with them in the microwave to watch them expand, there is always something fun to do with Peeps!

fun and yummy peeps recipes

1. Crispy Rice Easter Egg Treat Recipe

These Crispy Rice Easter Egg Treats are a secret – the icing has melted Peeps! How fun!

15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes, easter egg brunch, 15 Fun and Yummy Peep Recipes for Easter by kids activities blog.
Make your Easter colorful like this Easter snack set-up!

2. Sunflower Peep Cake Recipe

If you forget all about making dessert for Easter dinner, this Sunflower Peep Cake from Spend With Pennies is quick and easy.

3. Swimming Peeps Recipe

Blue jello and whipped cream are the perfect pool for Swimming Peeps. Loving this recipe from The First Year Blog!

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Skillet S’mores Recipe

How Sweet Eats‘ chocolate peanut Butter peep skillet S’mores is a fun way to fulfill your s’mores craving while using up those extra Peeps you have leftovers from Easter.

5. Peeps Bunny Bark Recipe

Kids will have so much fun making Love From the Oven‘s Peeps bunny bark because they can just enjoy the process, and not worry about how it turns out.

6. Peeps Brownies Recipe

Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons‘ Peeps brownies is full of marshmallow and Cadbury eggs – yum! 

7. Peep S’mores Recipe

Make Peeps S’mores, using Peeps, instead of those old boring marshmallows, with this recipe from Domestic Super Hero.

8. Yummy Easter Popcorn Mix With Peeps Recipe

This yummy Easter popcorn mix with Peeps, from Love and Marriage, is easy, and full of vibrantly-colored Easter candy! 

9. Miniature Bunny Bundt Cakes Recipe

Young At Heart Mommy‘s miniature bunny bundt cakes are adorable and would look so cute in an Easter place setting. 

10. Peep Brownie Bombs Recipe

Calling all chocoholics! The Domestic Rebel‘s Peeps brownie bombs are the perfect treat to set out for Easter guests!

11. Peep Marshmallow Popcorn Eggs

My kids love making Peep marshmallow popcorn eggs, from What’s Cooking, Love!

12. Peep On a Perch Recipe

If your kids love their Elf on the shelf, they will adore Peep On a Perch! Something swanky is also such a delicious Easter dessert. 

15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes, easter cake recipe, 15 Fun and Yummy Peeps Recipes by kids activities blog.
Tasty Easter snacks for your kids!

13. Peep Cake Recipe

Another fun way to use leftover Peeps is to put them inside of a Peeps cake, with this recipe from Bitz & Giggles!

14. Peep Ice Cream Syrup Recipe

My kiddos love making homemade sundaes, topped with Peep ice cream syrup, from My Recipe Magic.

15. Peep Pudding Cups Recipe

Decorate your Easter dessert table with colorful Peep pudding cups, from Raining Hot Coupons.

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Do you like Peeps? Comment below your favorite Easter candy!

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