During the holiday season, I love reading stories of hope and redemption. The spirit of the season is so strong, and we wanted to share one of our favorite stories with you. There is actually a great story behind some of our favorite brands — Boogie Wipes, Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, Dreft Home, Febreze In-Wash Odor Eliminator and Kandoo. We adore working with Nehemiah Manufacturing because of the mission that stands behind them. Boogie Wipes Based in Cincinnati, Nehemiah gives second chances to those who face difficulty finding a job because of past mistakes — felony convictions, drug problems, and more. It's about restoring people's lives, said Chief Executive Officer Dan Meyer. It's about creating hope for those that feel hopeless. Kandoo Wipes Manufacturing These employees begin on the manufacturing floor, working to fill boxes with the company's products to ship throughout the country. So far, they ™ve packaged over 7 million boxes since the company's founding in 2009. As the employees prove their dedication and work ethic, they gain promotions and move into supervisory roles. We're looking for the person that has potentially made a mistake in their past who is very, very interested in changing what had happened in the past and going forward in a new path, said Mike Pachko, Chief Operating Officer. And when we find that person, without exception, they're the most hardest working group of individuals I ™ve ever met. Nehemiah Back To School But it's much more than that. Before school begins each year, Nehemiah provides backpacks filled with school supplies and clothing for all the children of their employees. Nehemiah Christmas Party At Christmas, the Nehemiah employees provide gifts that Santa hands out at the company's holiday party to those same kids. There's a social worker on staff who helps employees with everything from finding an attorney, to finding housing, to building a budget, to seeking counseling to getting rides to work. They work to understand employees dreams and work to help them achieve the next step on their journey. Nehemiah Manufacturing truly is a company with an incredible mission. Just ask some of their own employees. Read more about our favorite products from Nehemiah Manufacturing:  

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