It’s cold and flu season, and that means it’s more important now than EVER to teach your kids how to wash their hands the right way. We teamed up with Boogie Wipes and Kandoo Hand Soap (which are on rollback at Walmart from now until December 30) to teach you this awesome trick to teach kids how to wash their hands so they actually get clean! the hand washing trick

The Hand Washing Trick

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have seen my kid come out of the bathroom with soap still on her hands, hands that are crazy wet, or even hands she didn’t wash at all! One day when she was with my grandmother, she came out of the restroom all soaphands, and my grandmother in her infinite wisdom and patience sent her back in and told her to sing the alphabet. When the song was done, her hands were washed. The rules were simple, turn on your water, pump two pumps of soap, lather up (the Kandoo soap is brightly colored, so it’s easy for your child to tell when their hands are covered), and wash while you sing your ABC’s.

Pump, pump, lather up, and wash away with Kandoo soap! #kandoo #instakids

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  When you get to Z, your hands will be all clean and  you can dry while you sing the little ending. If you have little ones that don’t quite know their ABC’s yet, this is a great time for them to learn. Oh, and when you do need to clean up those messy noses, Boogie Wipes are the way to go.  
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