“I can do it myself!” It seems like those are the only five words my preschooler knows lately. From getting dressed  (red stripes totally go with that yellow shirt, right!?) to choosing his own snack, my son tries to exert his will at every turn. This is actually a good thing. Easy Ways to Encourage Independent Kids Even though it makes me want to pull my hair out when it takes us twice as long to do anything, I know how important it is to foster  independence. And so does Kandoo — we are so happy to be partnering with them to bring you these easy ways to encourage independent kids. Their products are designed  to make it easy for kids to use on their own. Score!

Easy Ways to Encourage Independent Kids

It all starts with setting your kids up for success. These tips will help! Focus on  small tasks.  In the beginning, build their confidence by asking them to complete small chores like pushing their dishes away after dinner or picking up their toys. Easy Ways to Encourage Independent Kids Encouraging them to wash their own hands after using the restroom is a great task, too! And wiping — this is a skill that kids *all* need to learn. What’s more independent than wiping themselves? Make it easy to achieve.  Organize the playroom so that toys have an obvious place where they belong. Use nonbreakable dishes for when they’re thrown in the sink. Easy Ways to Encourage Independent Kids Place Kandoo flushable wipes on the back of the toilet for easy access. These wipes help kids get cleaner easier than with just toilet paper. Plus, they dispense one at a time so your preschooler won’t flush them all down the toilet at once. You can also assign simple chores for your preschooler and use a visual chore chart to help monitor their success. Easy Ways to Encourage Independent Kids Make it fun!  We love Kandoo hand soap because the bright colors  help kids know when they’ve lathered enough — and the purple and green foam is fun, too. Have a family “cleaning song” so that kids stop what they’re doing and clean whenever it plays. Dance party with a mop, anyone?! Coach from the sidelines. Resist the urge to jump in and help, unless asked. It’s good for your kids to experience some frustration and to recognize when they need a bit of help. So be sure to look for Kandoo products as you begin your foray into childhood independence. You can even download a coupon for 50 ¢ off 1 Kandoo product!  

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