It’s inevitable — the weather turns cold and with the lower temperature comes coughs and runny noses. 5 Tips for Cough and Cold Season There are quite a few tips for cough and cold season  that moms can keep in their winter arsenal. We’ve partnered with Boogie Wipes to bring you some tips for dealing with coughs and colds. Boogie Wipes are recommended by pediatricians because they’re gentle on snotty noses. They feature natural saline, which dissolves nasal drainage. Plus, they’re all-natural, Pthalate and paraben free, and contain aloe, chamomile, and Vitamin E.

5 Tips for Cough and Cold Season

5 Tips for Cough and Cold Season Boost Your Defenses.  At the earliest sign of getting a cough or cold, start taking extra vitamin C. Whether it’s through an extra glass of orange juice or a chewable vitamin, every little bit helps. Hygiene  Matters.  Wash your hands frequently, and especially after you’ve been to the pharmacy, doctor’s office, etc. Kids like to get their hands into everything, so this is especially important with little ones. Get Plenty of Rest.  Most people don’t realize how much good a good long day of rest can do when you’re sick. Children especially need lots of sleep to recuperate. Stay Hydrated. That’s a big one. Preferably by drinking orange juice and water. Don’t Be a Germ Spreader!  Teach children to cough into their arm (at the elbow) and not their hands. Boogie Wipes and Nasal Spray And, of course, keep Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist on hand for when those runny (and stuffy!) noses strike. You can even download a coupon to save on Boogie Wipes products.  

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