No-Mess Finger Painting for Toddlers…Yes, No Mess!

This No-Mess Finger Painting idea is genius for younger children who want to get their hands into a project, but you don’t want to have a huge mess. To be honest, kids of all ages will enjoy finger painting too!

No Mess Finger Painting idea for toddlers and preschoolers.  Kids of all ages will love painting inside a plastic bag for no mess painting fun
Let’s finger paint without the mess!

No-Mess Finger Painting Idea

Finger painting is a great activity for when you want to keep kids busy without getting out a ton of supplies. Plus, it’s really fun — my preschooler can spend hours just playing in the paint!

Easy Sensory Bag Idea

My son doesn’t like to get paint on his hands, so this is the perfect activity for him. We practice tracing letters, drawing shapes, and just squishing in the paint. He loves it!

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Supplies Needed for No-Mess Finger Painting:

Directions to Make No Mess Finger Paint Activity

Watch Our Short Video on How to Make this Easy Project

Step 1

Cut the poster board to fit just inside the Ziploc bag.

Place it inside the plastic bag.

No Mess Finger Painting step 2 - cardboard inside the plastic bag with paint splotches added
Look at all the pretty finger painting colors…

Step 2

The next step is to add different colors of finger paint into the bag.

It’s best if the finger paint is added in different areas of the bag.

Step 3

Press out the air and seal the bag.

No Mess Finger Painting inside a bag - child's hands pushing and manipulating the finger paint - Kids Activities Blog
We are finger painting!

Paint Inside a Plastic Bag!

Set on a table, and it’s ready for your child to paint!

No Mess Finger Painting - child scratching paint from canvas as a relief technique
Push hard to remove the finger paint from parts of the canvas…like scratch art!

They can squish the paint with their fingers or draw shapes or write into the paint.

Cleaning Up No Mess Finger Painting is Easy

When they’re done painting, you can remove the paper and allow it to dry, or just throw the whole bag away for the cleanest project ever!

No Mess Finger Painting final painting
I love all the bright colors of our artwork!

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