3 Festive Christmas Coloring Pages Perfect for December

Today we are celebrating with Christmas coloring pages that are super perfect for the entire month of December.

These preciously cute Christmas coloring sheets can be used all through December with your kids.  

Our friends over at Petite Lemon have created them and Kids Activities Blog is giddy with excitement!

Print Cutest Christmas Coloring Page from Kids Activities Blog
Download & print these December coloring pages!

See how cute they are?

3 Free December Coloring Pages to Download & Print

These festive holiday coloring sheets will keep kids busy while Santa’s elf {yes, that is a clever reference to YOU} needs to get the sleigh ready…

Here are the printable holiday coloring pages that are included in the set:

December Coloring Page

The December coloring sheet has Santa’s face peeking over the letters of the word “December”.  Don’t forget to color the wrapped packages!  I love this one because finding the word, December, in a coloring page has been challenging for me in the past.

Santa’s Sleigh Coloring Sheet

This free printable Santa sleigh coloring page is one of my favorites.  It shows Santa and two of his reindeer are flying over town Christmas Eve.  The town consists of several buildings including a cool clock tower which is about to strike midnight.

The Bird’s Christmas Coloring Page

This is the cutest Christmas coloring picture!  The birds are decorating the forest Christmas trees while big snowflakes gently fall.  I feel like the adorable birds are stacking themselves almost like a snowman.  The big snowflakes are all different unique shapes that feel like stars.  There are more trees for decorating…so don’t leave any out!

December coloring sheets - 3 adorable Christmas coloring pages for kids
Oh so cute! Love these December coloring pages!

Download & Print these December Christmas Coloring Pages

Print out these {and don’t forget to make a few extra copies for friends}:

a box of crayons are perfect for coloring these December coloring pages
Grab blue, green, red and gold to color these fun & festive December coloring pages

So, grab your favorite holiday colors and print off the coloring pages!  These pages work great for traditional coloring with crayons or colored pencils, but I think these would be great with paint too…especially watercolors.

More Christmas Coloring Page Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love giving away free coloring pages of all kids.  We have all of our Christmas coloring pages <– listed all in one place!

Here are some of our favorite coloring sheets for Christmas:

These  coloring pages have been created by our friends at Petite Lemon, who specialize in personalized decor and tees for kids. You can view all of their personalized goodness ” canvas growth charts, sibling tshirts, alphabet posters, birthday tshirts and more at  PetiteLemon.com.


  1. We are LOVING these pages. Gorgeous! I have print one out each morning since you posted…my boys (2 and 3.5) adore them!

  2. I love coloring! One of the things I’ll certainly be upset about when my kids grow up is I won’t have an excuse to color as 50yo

  3. i love coloring pages!! think the LO is getting real tired of them though! just means i have to get more creative with the things we can do with them! So many thanks for these free activities from last year, for us to use THIS year!

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