21 Super Cool Things To Make With Liquid Soap

While working with my kids on science projects and activities at home, I realized how many of these things use liquid soap as an ingredient.

It’s funny that you can use something for one purpose so many times and not think about all the other ways it can be used! Turns out, there are many cool things to make with liquid soap.

21 Super Cool Things To Make With Liquid Soap

Soap Crafts, Activities, Experiments, and More

This made me scour the internet for fun soap ideas and cool things to make with soap and I was not disappointed! There are so many cool soap projects, experiments, sensory play, and even crafts to make.

I was so excited about these soap crafts, that I put together a huge list of fun things to make using liquid soap (hand and dish).

21 Things To Make With Liquid Soap

Color Changing Soap Experiment

Watching the milk fat react to the colors in this science project will mesmerize your kiddos.

Dish Soap Slime Recipe

Make dish soap silly putty with just two ingredients, with this idea from Smart School House. This is so much fun!

How To Make Soap Foam

No child can resist the inviting textures and rich colors of these rainbow soap foam bubbles, from Fun at Home With Kids.

Elephant Toothpaste Science Project

Have you ever made elephant toothpaste? This is science experiment, from Come Together Kids, is so cool!

Soap Snow Globe

Make your very own personalized snow globe, from DIY Projects! This is great for the holidays or would be great to give as a gift.

Surface tension experiments using liquid soap, bowls, and legos.
Learn about surface tension with toys and liquid soap.

Liquid Soap Surface Tension Experiments

Explore surface tension with this fun science activity for kids. Use different toys and items you have around the house!

Soap Foam Art

Use soap bubbles to make art! This project from Fireflies and Mud Pies is as gorgeous as it is fun.

DIY Shower Jelly

While a grown-up will need to make this one, kids will have a blast with Rookie Mag‘s DIY Shower Jelly!

Slime With Dish Soap And Cornstarch

This cornstarch dough, from Little Bins for Little Hands, looks so pretty, and feels so incredible in little hands.

Unpoppable Bubbles

How cool are these bouncing bubbles, from Play At Home Mom! These unpoppable bubbles are better than the ones you’ve seen in those infomercials.

Things to make with liquid soap like a colorful soap and milk science experiment, giant rainbow bubbles, layered bottles, oil and water bottles, and a bottle tornado.
I love all these awesome soap ideas.

More Cool Things To Make With Liquid Soap

Make Kinetic Sand With Soap

Did you know you could make your own kinetic sand at home? Here’s how! It’s so easy to make and so much fun to play with.

Toddler Shaking Bottle With Liquid Soap

These shaking bottles for little ones are so much fun and can be made in so many ways! Plus, these discovery bottles would make great calming bottles as well.

Dish Soap Science Fair Projects

Use liquid soap and a few other ingredients you have in your kitchen to make this fun rainbow in a jar, from Playdough to Plato.

Liquid Dish Soap Window Cling

Make fun window clings to decorate your home for the holidays, with this idea from The Polka Dotted Turtle.

Soapy Squishy Marble Maze

This squishy marble maze, from Therapy Fun Zone, is a super clever sensory activity. 

diy bathtub paint in red and blue with a paintbrush leaned up against the jar.
This bathtub fingerpaint soap recipe is a great way to make bath time fun!

Soap Paint Recipe

Make your own bath tub paints for lots of bath time fun! Who knew the bathtub would make the best canvas?

Paintable Chalk Made With Dish Soap

Wanting to spend more time outside? You can make paintable chalk with this fun DIY recipe.

Funny Soap Dispenser Craft

Put your kids in the soap bottle with this cool craft from Come Together Kids! Kids will love washing their hands with this.

Soap Tornado In A Jar

Mom Insane Fit’s  tornado in a bottle is one of kids’ most favorite science experiments!

Soap Sensory Bottle

Make a suspended beads calming bottle for a fun and soothing activity for kids. from Fun at Home With Kids.

How To Make Huge Bubbles

Looking for a soap activity that will bring you right back to your own childhood? Try The Nerd’s Wife‘s Easy Gigantic Bubbles for fun outside play the whole family will enjoy!

Make kids want to wash their hands with this toddler soap idea by adding sparkling pom poms to clear liquid soap bottles.
These pom pom soaps would make the perfect toddler soap.

More Experiments to Try

If these soap crafts and experiments got you into a scientific mood, you can continue the fun with more science experiments:

Things to make with science like a frog, and an oil and soap bottle.

What’s your favorite common household item to craft with? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear!