This Raccoon Is Better at Chores Than My Kids [Video]

When we think about the wild, we imagine animals running free, not about a raccoon pushing a broom.

That’s what makes this so unexpected and delightful!

Raccoon Doing Chores Video - Kids activities blog

Sure, this little critter might have been domesticated…

… literally!

I still like to imagine him somewhere in the middle of the forest sweeping up after all his little forest friends…

Raccoon Doing Housework Video

Melanie the Raccoon is no slouch when it comes to doing housework.

In fact, she can do other chores and has her own YouTube channel!

I wonder if she can be hired for weekend cleaning…?

Want to see more funny raccoons?

Raccoon Steals Cat Food Video

These cats don’t know what to think when this raccoon comes in and starts eating their food.

Speaking of chores…we have some resources to help your kids do them.

We are going to leave the raccoon training to someone else!


So is your money on the raccoon or the kids for better chore follow-through?