Today we have for hope for families like mine when it comes to kids and chores.

There is a realistic system to getting kids to do their chores without reminding, begging, pleading and complaining.

Getting kids to do chores willingly without complaining - girl standing on chair at sink washing dishes
It is possible to get kids involved in chores daily without drama!

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Kids Doing Chores Happily

Today I invited an expert in this field to help us. This mom of 10 kids has spent years developing a realistic and doable chore system that the entire family will embrace.

Her name is Ashley Buffa and she runs the organization, Freedom Moms.

Watch the Short Video on Kids and Chores

Watch to find out how kids can willingly do chores without complaining…

Historically Kids Have Always Done Chores

Ashley explains how this chore system got started when she was reading the book Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder to her kids. She noticed that in the book all the kids had a ton of chores, the parents had tons of chores…in fact, they all worked together on those chores for the good of the family.

She felt like if it used to be the standard–kids doing chores–she could figure out how to make that happen today in modern times.

Kids Can Do Chores Today Too

Ashley spent the next few years figuring out a way to make household chores part of their daily life even though they didn’t live on the prairie. And through the years, she has learned a lot about what works with modern kids and what doesn’t.

Goal of Kids Doing Chores that HELP

Bottom line with kids and chores is if it is harder to GET them to do the chores than it is to do it yourself, then it is not sustainable.

If it is more stressful to make sure they do those chores than just adding them to your to-do list, it won’t work longer than a few days…and isn’t good for your health!

In order for this to work, it has to work! I know that sounds obvious, but in reality so often we set up a chore system for our kids that we cannot possibly maintain. It takes way too much drama to continue.

And drama is draining the last little bit of energy we have!

Best chore system for kids - Smart Kids Chore System from Ashley Buffa Freedom Moms - Contents shown including charts, allowance information and more
This chore chart system has everything you need to get the kids happily working!

Best Chore System for Kids

Ashley developed the best chore system for kids (which makes it the best chore system for moms) that actually works.

It is called the Smart Kids Chore System and if you are looking for more information that will work for a busy family, check it out.

Chore System Tools You Need for Your Kids

  • How to start chores in a way that you can keep going.
  • How to keep kids engaged in chores.
  • How to add structure to your day.
  • How to assign the chores to the correct age child.
  • How to set the right mood and incentivize.
  • How to motivate kids to do chores without complaining.

It is all in the Smart Kids Chore System. All of it!

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