This Mom Made Her Kids ‘Apply’ For Household Chores And She Is My Hero

If there is one thing I wish I had learned as a kid it would be the true value of money because it is something far too many of us only learn as an adult.

That is why I love this brilliant mom’s idea…

This Mom Made Her Kids ‘Apply’ For Household Chores and She is My Hero!

Shaketha McGregor is a mom of 3 that came up with a solution to her kids earning the things they want.

Her solution: applying for household jobs around the house.

She decided to accept applications for various household chores that her kids could “apply” to and earn money. She even held interviews in “Mom’s Room”.

Jobs included:

“Kitchen Manager” “Lead Housekeeper” and “Laundry Supervisor”.

She even had a sign that said:

Mom’s Credit Union

Let mom start you off with a line of credit to help build your allowance as well as character! Making on time contributions around the house can pay off big time.

And when other parents saw this, they praised her for it and honestly, how could they not?

This is a seriously brilliant idea and I am totally trying it with my kids! Kuddos mama!

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