When No One Was Looking, This Happened. [Video]

0It is clear to every parent that the birth of a child means the last hopes for having a clean house for at least 18 years.

Kids Making a Big Mess Video - Kids Activities Blog
Ummm…how did this happen?

Usually you think of that in relation to not having time or energy to clean.

Or having so much stuff it is hard to have a place for everything.

Or thinking about how the house is so busy all the time there is never space to unwind the chaos.

But what if the kids were ACTIVELY messing things up beyond the usual?

You have to see this video of kids making a huge mess.

family home destroyed by toddlers

Oh my goodness.  This reminds me so much of the toddler years at my house.

For me, it was an entire box of Cheerios spread through the kitchen and the dining room.

This poor mom wasn’t as lucky when it came to clean-up..

Take a look!

Toddlers Make Huge Mess Video


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