Colorful & Crazy Locker Clip Craft Great Middle School Locker Idea

This super simple locker clip craft creates the coolest locker clips perfect for your middle school or high school locker. This easy locker craft idea takes as little time as your child wants to put into it. I have seen kids spend hours making a complete set of locker clips or in another case, 15 minutes did the trick!

locker clips a craft for middleschool kids
Let’s make these cute locker clips for our locker!

DIY Locker Clips

This locker clip craft is as colorful, crazy and goofy as middleschoolers {giggle}. It is a fun thing to make together before going back to school. Grab a bunch of friends and make them together or make extra DIY locker clips to hand out as gifts to friends.

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Locker Clip Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed to Make Custom Locker Clips

locker clips a craft for middleschool kids

Directions to Make Locker Clips

Step 1

Using permanent markers or paint markers, decorate the sides of your clothespins.  

We added triangle teeth, polka dots, zebra stripes, swirls and stars!

middleschool kids craft locker clips

Step 2

Add the magnetic tape to the back of the clothes pin locker clip once decorated. If the self-adhesive doesn’t hold as strongly as you desire, you can always reinforce it with the glue gun.

Our Experience Making Locker Clips

It was fun to talk about matching, to hear the things my middleschooler was looking forward to in the upcoming year, the things that she is worried about… Kids love to talk while they work.  

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I loved each moment! One of the things I love about paint pens is that they dry pretty quickly, so this is a fast art project.  You can add layers of paint with only a couple of minuets in drying time.


How did your locker clip craft turn out? Is your middleschooler excited to use it at school?

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