Gift kits are great for creative kiddos.  The list below isn’t like our list of DIY gifts, these are groups of objects that you can gift to your kids so THEY can create.

Gift Sets for Kids

You can gift your kid a collection of objects that they can use to explore and engage in their world. Promise, these are unique gift ideas that your kids will play with for years.  AND… the post is full of affiliate codes for your convenience. Gift Kits that you can make for kids to build and create with Be a spy “ or at least a different person.   You can create a disguises kit for your kids to use in dramatic play. Items to get: Get Driving.  Transform a set of file folders into a car garage with the help of a set of steps.   Gift these to a kiddo along with a collection of matchbox cars. Items to get: Forts.   There is something about kids.   They have a literal need to build forts!   Lots of them.   You can make your own fort kit OR buy a Magic Fort Set (we have both and often use them together). To Make your Own:   Be a Doctor.  Have a nurturing kiddo?   Collect some medical objects (real ones are better “ the kids will love them!) and gift them to your kiddo in a Dr. Kit along with a new stuffed animal who has owwies . Some of the Items to Include:   Star Wars Trash Can.  What a fun personal Trash can.   Gift your kiddo a trashcan with pre-cut pieces of duct tape paper  in the shapes needed to decorate R2D2 the can.   Add a couple of Star Wars Play characters or a lightsaber inside the can for a fun surprise. Items to Get: . create kits for your kids to make   Create a flashlight for your mini-engineer using cardboard scraps and electrical parts.   Include a second set of pieces so they can make their own.   Funky Faces.  How fun!!  Your kids can decorate a magnetic doll kit using your kids own face as the “person” and photo booth-like props to decorate yourself.  The tutorial is at Creative Juice  – all you need is a printer and magnetic paper. gift kits that you can make for your kids   Play Dough is the most creative medium out there for preschoolers.  Gift a play kit of dough.  The sky is the limit with the possibilities of what their play dough can become. Items to add:   LEGO World.  Who knew what a gum container could become?  Glue a small Lego plate to the side of it, fill the case with legos and you have a pocket-LEGO-play-world. Items to get:   . gifts that are perfect to create for a creative kid . T-Shirt Art.  Gift your kiddo a T-shirt design kit.   They can do a science project and make wearable art. Items you’ll need:   OR… You can gift them a T-shirt design kit including freezer paper and paint so they can create their own image.   Play Mat.  Gift a fun building fanatic a DIY Lego Storage mat  – basically a canvas mat they can lay out on the floor ¦ and a bucket of bricks to build with! Items Needed:   Pen-pal Kit.  Get ready to write a bunch of letters and gift your child a post-office kit full of writing supplies, note paper and mini mailboxes. You can include: Stone Line Dominos.  Who knew a bag of stones could be this entertaining!   Gift a bag of stones that you drew lines on “ watch the paths your child takes with these stones.  You’ll need a white Paint Pen.     create a gift kit for your kids to craft and build with   Weave coasters “ they are a great way for kids to practice making patterns as they create.   You can also give the supplies as a gift.  In addition to paper plates you will need a collection of funky yarns.   Make a card set to gift, or for a crafty kiddo, make the kit for them to make their own cards. Go Get:   Pocket Building Set.  This gift set upcycles something old and adds something new for a fun portable building kit.   To get:  Magnetic Toys & an Altoid Tin.   Creative Building Set.  Gift your kids with a building set.  Combine the following into a set for the little engineer in your life. Mix and Match:
  • Toothpicks and Clay or Marshmallows.
  • Sugar Cubes and Icing
  sensory activity kits for you to create as gifts for kids   Activity Bag Book.  Gift a set of activities for your kids to do to keep them entertained for quiet-time. Sewing!   Repetitive tasks and motions are great for brain building.   They help kids recognize patterns and develop fine motor skills.   Gift your child with a sewing kit to help them be creative and build their brains.   Go Big – and Sensory.  Create a tower of sensory collections for the kiddo in your life to enjoy.   Send it along with a water table that is great for loose part play. Boxes to consider:  

More Gift Kit Ideas:

Transform a T-shirt into a fun sack.   I can see this bag being borrowed a bunch from the tweens in our lives. Pretend play gifts open worlds of possibility for your kids.   You can create a table tent house and gift your kids with a pretend play tea set for their afternoons in the house This is a terrific pre-Christmas gift for a kiddo “ An Elf in a candy jar. Transform a set of train tracks into a city and land scape for your kids trains to travel through.   You need foam sheets & Trains. Do you have an artsy kiddo?   Make a set of crayon wands for them using giant straws, crayon bits and gift it to your kiddo with a fun book of mazes.            

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