OMG. Have you seen an airfort? It is the coolest kid fort idea on the planet and now comes in a variety of airfort colors and configurations including indoor playhouse airforts that look like circus tents, houses, barns and space ships.

6 airfort designs pictured in a collage - circus tent airfort, barn air fort, castle air fort, tiki hut airfort, cottage air fort and space ship airfort
So many cool airfort ideas!

Let’s Build a Fort with Air

When my kids ask me for help in building a fort, I always end up making a mess between wrangling the sheets, blankets, and clothespins.

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Then, after I get it set up, the kids manage to knock it down within minutes.

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Airfort filled with children and parent peeking in with board game to play on black and white tile floor
Let’s play in the Airfort!

Air Fort

This is one reason why I was thrilled to discover Air Fort. This fort can be set up within seconds… and it’ll stay up for hours if you want.

Both set up and disassembly are super easy. 

And you won’t have to worry about clean up like you do with messy furniture forts, which can be hazardous sometimes. Child safety is always number 1!

How an Air Fort works

Unpack the light polyester air fort, lay it on the ground, set up an ordinary household fan with the four adhesive strips, and turn on the fan.

Voila! That’s it!

The fort blows up within seconds. 

Pink and white filled airfort from above in living room with carpet and couch with child peeking out from the inflated air fort
Fort building has never been easier with Airfort!

Air Fort Play

Kids — and adults — can climb into the circular fort by simply lifting up the sides and crawling in. (There’s no floor to the fort, which allows the easy access). Easy entrance is also super important, that way no one gets tangled and nothing gets broken.

The fort stays blown up, because the fan keeps on blowing.

Air Fort Fan

The fan is hidden behind a mesh divider, so kids are unable to access it. For peace of mind and to ensure their safety though, you can also peek into the fort through the top mesh window. 

Which I personally like much more than just using a sheet and just turning the switch of an ordinary household fan. Fans are okay for bigger kids, because they know better, not so much smaller kids.

Video: Air Fort

This Fort is Perfect for Playtime

Clocking in at 77 inches wide and 50 inches tall, the Air Fort is perfect for play dates and sleepovers.

Tell your kids to grab their favorite books, and you can have story time in the fort too. Or, if your kids are like my son, they’ll pretend it’s their pirate fort… where no adults are allowed!

I will say one drawback to this is, because it is a fan that keeps it up, it doesn’t work as a toy storage space like other “permanent” tents can. But that’s okay, it’s the perfect sized fort for kids nonetheless.  

Parent and children play with toys in front of an inflated airfort in blue white yellow and red colors
Airfort play is fun!

When play time is over and it’s time to put the fort away, simply turn off the fan and folding up the fort. The Air Fort also comes with a bag for easy storage and transport. 

While fort building with couch cushions and blankets will never go out of style, the Air Fort offers a fabulous alternative when you want a fort that will stay up for hours of play.

Which Color Do You Want Your Air Fort?

Now all you need to decide is which color to get. You can choose from seven colors and buy an Air Fort for $49.95 on Amazon

Inflated airfort and image of children playing inside the air fort

Playtime Is Important

We all know play time is important. It builds so many skills and helps initiate independent playtime, which is so important especially in this day and age where kids want to be entertained.

It will help get your child to engage in pretend and active play. Between moving around, playing with toys, they’ll being using their imaginations!

Plus, let’s be honest, when a slumber party calls, this would be the coolest thing. When bedtime hits, they’ll want to go to bed…whether or not they actually sleep is another thing.

This kids fort is really great for kids of all ages. This is really cool stuff.

Spending Quality Time Together

We all get super busy, but this awesome pop up tent would make movie night awesome as well. Seriously! Grab your lap top, turn off the lights, grab your snacks and watch a movie inside the inflatable fort.

Not only will you be able to hang out in an awesome fort, but movie night will be taken to the next level! It is fun for the whole family!

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So many ways to make forts!

Whether you’re making blanket forts or trying to find a mess-free indoor play fort, we can help!

  • Make a big fort outside! We can show you how to make the coolest DIY stick fort.
  • These blaster boards will help make a protective fort during a nerf gun battle. Sometimes awesome things come in a tiny package!
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  • Why do kids like building forts?
  • Unfortunately I can’t promise this will be a mess-free fort, but I will say these forts are super neat. Some of these forts have a really unique floor design.
  • Get these rubber connectors to make building forts easy!
  • Looking for some sleepover games to go along side your new fort?

What is your favorite airfort design?

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