Are you and your child ready to part ways for school?

My heart always breaks when I see the little juniors crying and hanging on to their parents on their first day at school. First day of school fears and separation anxiety for kids and parents can be so hard. If your kindergartner is having a hard time before school even starts, here are 10 crafts and ideas to help ease the transition (for everyone!!). 10 first day of school crafts and ideas

Pocket Hearts for For All You Mums and Dads

These will ease your troubles when dropping your babies off for the first time via CurlyBirds Related: Here’s What It’s Like To Parent With Anxiety

Duck Tape Necklace Pouch

Bring along a favorite doll to ease first day at school jitters. 10min craft from MollyMooCrafts

Printable Sticky Notes

Leave little notes of encouragement in their lunchbox or notebook for during the school day via KidsActivitiesBlog

Jitter Glitter

Printable poem with a packet of glitter attached – so sweet via mrsminersmonkeybusiness “Just sprinkle the glitter under your pillow in bed the night before school starts when you lay down your head”

Heart Stones

Note just for Valentines Day these pocket heart stones are the perfect reminder of your love throughout the school day. via KidsActivitiesBlog

Not To Worry Dolls

Pretty bead dolls friends to go in their backpack or around their neck. via MollyMooCrafts

Secret Vests

When my daughter was going through anxiety at school because of teasing by other kids I made her a ‘magic’ vest to protect her sweet precious heart – any nasty words would simply ‘bounce’ off the vest and couldn’t upset her. Onto a plain white vest with some fabric sharpies I drew on a fairy with the message ‘you are loved, words can’t hurt you’. I never took any photos, much to my regret, but here’s a similar idea from Petit a Petit and Family

Kissing Hand

You and your child can each create a kissing hand for a little extra comfort during the day. via notimeforflashcards

Puzzle Picture Frame

Invite your little one create this adorable photo border from leftover puzzle pieces to brighten up and preserve their precious first day at school photo…. something to look forward to. via womansday

First Day of School Photo

Get the kids all excited about school with a special First Day Photo. Download free printable photo props right here on KidsActivitiesBlog. AND here are 15 great ideas for capturing adorable first day photos. Don’t miss these all about me worksheets! Check out these exciting free first day of school coloring pages!

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