Do your kids struggle when they are at the age where they are just, just too old for naps, but too young to be active and doing all day?? I know my 3-5 year olds break down the hour before dinner time if they don’t have an hour or two of calm in the afternoon. Here are some great activities to either help your kids decompress if the day has been busy, or quietly play independently so a sibling can nap. All of these activities are made with FELT!! . quiet time felt activities  

Help kids be quiet

Tangrams – or those puzzles where you use different geometric shapes to create fun images are both easy to make and easy to bring anywhere!   via MollyMoo Do your kids have a “quiet activity book”?   Mine don’t and I am drooling over the page ideas that At Second Street came up with!   Brilliant. For more quiet-felt book ideas, check out these from Make and Takes and 733 Blog has a great tutorial on how to make your own felt book binding. Another thing I don’t have time to make but would love to have is a felt food set.   I wish Pink Lemonade sold these felt sandwiches, they are gorgeous!! Play dominos – your kids could play by themselves or with a sibling quietly.   This set would be perfect to travel with too!!   Via Cake in the Morn. Mini-worlds are fun to explore, create, manipulate!   Mommying Monkey’s made a fun felt box for her daughter’s birthday.   .quiet time felt activities

Go to Sleep Activities

Create a mess-free icecream set from felt, from Twodaloo.   She made pom-poms and had a bucket and a scoop.   My kids would love the scooping! Cupcakes are fun to decorate, but the sugar doesn’t help nap time go more smoothly.   Check out these felt cupcakes from The Busy Budgeting Mama. A felt puzzle is the perfect diaper bag activity.   Small tots can shew on them, older tots can stack them and your preschoolers can make the puzzle and tell stories with the pieces.   via Vanilla Joy These faces are just plain fun!!   Your kids can create their own characters during quiet time!   via Fave Crafts I hate it when an Etsy store has a great idea and stops making the product!   You need to write this mom and tell her how much your girls love doing hair.   I know mine would think this face would be a fun page to a quiet book. . How have you entertained your kids and engaged them during your “quiet hour”??   I would love to hear what works with your kids over on our facebook page.

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