I loved discovering Mindi’s site, B.A. Bookworm, we are bookworm wanna-bes over here and I love some of the ideas she has for ways to encourage reading in our kids!   She is an advocate for getting kids up and moving, rather than sitting in front of a TV (or computer – we love starfall and online educational game over here!)   All you need for these activities is a brown paper bag and some creativity!

Rule 1: Be Electronic Free All-Day

Yes, that means no electronics. No computers, no television, and no video games. I know, I ™m a meenie. But honestly, those are the days when I see my kids get the most creative with their time.

Occasionally, it helps to give the kids a little something to do in order to jump start their creativity. So, here’s an idea to help get them motivated and moving in a positive direction.

Rule 2: Pick a Mystery Activity

Have your kids use a small note pad or several small pieces of paper. Write down one fun thing to do on each piece. Each activity needs to be written on a separate piece of paper. Remember also that these activities cannot involve electronics.

Choose specific board games, puzzles, card games, coloring books, or whatever it is your children enjoy doing.

Next, put all of these pieces of paper into a bag and let the kids take turns plucking out one piece of paper at a time. Each time a child picks an activity out of the bag then that will be what the kids play next.

Now, not only will the children be occupied for a while, but they wont be bothering you to help them find something to do! You can just occupy yourself with your own activities while the kids play.  But hey ¦ just in case the kids are still bored, be sure to tell them you ™ve got a few bathrooms that need to be cleaned. Then, like magic, I ™m sure they ™ll find something to do real fast!

Thanks to Mindi for the guest post and to tanakho for the photo

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