Looking for a fun homemade gift to give to your little one? Check out this DIY Busy Book for Kids! It’s perfect for road trips, restaurants, and long waits. It’s small enough to keep in a diaper bag or purse, and if properly stocked (with new paper) will provide hours of fun for little ones! DIY Busy Book for Kids

DIY Busy Book for Kids

To make this craft you will need: (there are affiliate links in this post) DIY Busy Book for Kids After gathering supplies, divide one piece of craft foam into 1/3 strips (horizontally). Cut the strips. Apply Glue Dots along the bottom of a second piece of craft foam. DIY Busy Book for Kids Attach one of the strips to the bottom of the piece of craft foam. Place a few extra Glue Dots along the center of the strip to create 2 pockets inside of the book. DIY Busy Book for Kids Fold the book in half, then wrap ribbon around the outside. Secure the ribbon with Glue Dots. If desired, cut small shapes (hearts, flowers, superhero symbols) from extra craft foam and attach them to the front of the book with Glue Dots. DIY Busy Book for Kids Open the book and place small index cards in one pocket and a flat box of crayons on the other side. Close the book and tie with the ribbon to close. DIY Busy Book for Kids

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