Today I’m thrilled to share simple activity bags for kids. Whether you use this as a summer bucket list or you do these activities throughout the year, these  simple activity bags are perfect to have on hand.  All you need is a few craft supplies and some paper bags to make over 30 activities for little ones! kids-activity-bags Once you’ve got the paper bags, each activity only requires two to three supplies to make.  From fizzy sidewalk chalk to bug puppets to making your own friendship bracelet loom, kids will be having fun in no time!

30+ Kids Activity Bags

  1. Cornstarch + baking soda + food coloring = Fizzy Sidewalk Paint Activity Bag
  2. Sand + Summer Trinkets + Plaster of Paris = Sand Mold Activity Bag
  3. Straws + string = Necklace Activity Bag
  4. Marbles + paint = Fireworks Art Activity Bag
  5. Dot stickers + window markers =  Connect the Dots Activity Bag  | And Next Comes L
  6. Colored paper + mini paper punches = Punch Out Lantern Activity Bag
  7. Cornstarch + tempera paint + Popsicle molds = Frozen Chalk Activity Bag  | Reading Confetti
  8. Borax + cornstarch + glue = Homemade Bouncy Ball Activity Bag
  9. Chalk + paper plates = Giant Outdoor Game Board Activity Bag
  10. Foam board + embroidery thread = Friendship Bracelet Loom Activity Bag
  11. Soda + pop rocks + balloon = Summer Science Experiment Activity Bag  | Learn, Play, Imagine
  12. Glow sticks + balloons = Glowing Fun Activity Bag
  13. Pouch  caps + pipe cleaners  =  Bug Puppet Activity Bag  | Lalymom
  14. Block + Chalk = Chalk Twister Activity Bag
  15. Crayons + natural materials = Wax Rubbing Activity Bag
  16. Cheerios + Pipe Cleaners = Bird Feeder Activity Bag  | Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails
  17. Dice + Popsicle sticks = Minute to Win it: Game Night Activity Bag
  18. Glow Sticks + Nighttime  = Tic Tac Glow Activity Bag
  19. Cornstarch + Hair Conditioner = Softest Play Dough Ever Activity Bag
  20. Golf Tees + Yarn + Play Hammer = Outdoor Fine Motor Play Activity Bag  | Sugar Aunts
  21. Shovels + dirt = Dirt Soup Activity Bag
  22. Pony Beads + Pipe Cleaners = Bug Suncatcher Activity Bag  | Happily Ever Mom
  23. Food coloring + ice cube tray = Colored Ice Play Activity Bag
  24. Stacking cups + paper plates = Building Activity Bag
  25. Felt tip markers + coffee filters + spray bottle = Dye Art Activity Bag
  26. Bag of Crackers + edible pen =  Alphabet Snack Activity Bag
  27. Contact paper + nature collection  = Nature Collage Activity Bag
  28. Needle + Magnet + Foam = DIY Compass Activity Bag
  29. Glow-in-the-dark paint + jar = Firefly Jar Activity Bag  | Coffee Cups and Crayons
  30. Empty glue bottles + jello = Edible Art Activity Bag
  31. Summer treasures + jar = Summer Memories Activity Bag
summer-activity-bags-2After you’ve put together the bags, add a quick explanation for each activity and fold  the bags shut.  Kids will love getting to open the bags every day!  You could use these as a countdown to a birthday, vacation,  or the last day of summer. We have so many great ideas to make the best busy bags for your little one. If you love these bags as much as we do, hop on over to our Facebook page and tell us which one was your favorite!

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