Are you looking for a baby bib that has great coverage, very absorbent, and easy to come by? We have the solution. This Baby Bib Hack using a dish towel.

baby bib hack
Well that was easy…

Make a Baby Bib from a Dish Towel

This idea was a result of a conversation on our FB page, Quirky Momma, about our hacks for snacks and the question of bibs for baby and managing placemats for toddlers came up.

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We are a family of six and throughout the years we have morphed away from using store bought bibs, which are good, but don’t cover legs and the velcro sticks to my nice clothes in the wash! Oy!  

I know this sounds super simple, but it works GREAT.

Grab a cotton dish towel and a clothespin. Clip it around your tot and they will be covered better than you can believe!

baby bib hack with a dishtowel

More Reasons to Use a Dish Towel Baby Bib

  1. We can wipe little hands and the table when they are finished eating.
  2. Throw it into the wash and grab another for the next meal!   No wiping off or trying to keep it for another meal.
  3. This isn’t “just” a bib… if your tots are creative, they might switch it around to their back.   Now they are “super man”, or a “super eater”.
  4. When your kids grow out of bibs you can still use these… they *are* dishtowels.

…and I love them!

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Favorite Dish Towels to Make Baby Bibs - Kids Activities Blog - toddler hugging a dish towel
I looooove dish towels!

Favorite Dish Towels

Getting some additional dish towels is a great idea since you can use them for babies and toddlers now and then convert them to their original use afterward.

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Have you ever made a baby bib out of a dish towel?

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  1. Yes, I have made baby bibs from dish towels for all my grandkids. However, I cut them in half- cut out a half circle from the top for the neck -then I crocheted a few rows around the neck and added two strings to tie around their neck. I used baby or children’s patterns and sold them at a couple of diy sales. They are fun to make. They may not cover as much as yours, but they were cute and do the job. And yes we still k use them in the kitchen. We can hang them on the oven.

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