These fun and delicious snack cake crafts are so much fun to make, colorful, tasty, and perfect for a sweet treat! These snack cake crafts are the best edible crafts made from your favorite Little Debbie snack cakes like Swiss Cake Rolls. Kids of all ages will love these cake crafts and they’re perfect for at home or whether you needed a fun cake craft for you lesson plan in a classroom.

Fun Snack Cake Crafts
Fun food crafts for kids!

Creative Food Cake Crafts for Kids

We have cakes, frosting, candies, cereal, and cookies! Let the kiddos try these Fun Snack Cake Crafts.

Encourage their creativity to soar, and make whatever they dream up. Or you can give them directions to make Twinkie Submarines, Minions, puppies, and more.

We don’t play with food, but we create fun stuff out of them! (And we eat them afterward, of course!)

Snack Cake Recipes Of Your Favorite Characters

1. Twinkie Minion Food Craft

Easy snack cake craft idea: minion cupcakes on a plate with one close-up Minion made out of a Twinkie and decorated to look like a minion
What a cute Snack cake Craft…Make a Minion cupcake!

This food craft from My Litter is simple! Just add frosting goggles, candy eyes, and a frosting smile and you have a Minion Twinkie and they look adorable popping out of cupcakes.

2. Perry the Platypus Food Craft

Cute Snackcake Idea: A platter full of little Perry the Platypus (From Phineas and Ferb) made from Twinkies covered in green fondant, with little fondant beaks and candy eyes.
“I know what we’re going to do today”… Perry snack cakes!

Kids who are big fans of Perry the Platypus, AKA, Agent P, from Phineas and Ferb, will have a blast making these characters using snack cakes and some cake decorating supplies from Dabbled.

3. Mickey Mouse Snack Cakes Edible Craft

Make an easy snackcake: Create Mickey Mouse snackcakes with various sizes of round cake pans, chocolate cake, red food coloring, and white frosting. Mickey Mouse cake is in the center of a light blue tablecloth with white polka dots.
oh, boy! this mickey mouse snack cake sure is swell!

All you need to make Mickey Mouse Snack Cakes are some candy ears. See the instructions from Hungry Happenings to make them simple or fancy!

4. Chocolate Dog Cakes Edible Craft

Make cute dog snack cakes!: Two aluminum foil bake pans filled with chocolate frosted cupcakes, decorated with vanilla wafer cookie ears and snouts, chocolate chip noses, frosting mouths, and candy eyes.
A snack cake that’s man’s best friend!

Turning chocolate cupcakes into dogs will allow kids to really get creative. There are so many tasty possibilities for fun! Head over to Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

5. Adorable Snack Cake Owls Edible Craft

Owl you need is love, and these snack cake owls from Sugar Swings are sure to tell your kids that you’ll owl-ways love them.

Fun and Delicious Snack Cake Crafts

More ideas mean more fun! Check out this list for more fun activities!

6. Fun Cake Decorating Party

Host a Snack Cake Decorating Party from Hungry Happenings! Kids will come up with the most clever characters when decorating their own snack cakes. These are so much fun to decorate!

7. Fun Twinkie Submarine Food Craft

Making Twinkie Submarines using tubes of frosting, Fruit Loops, and bendy straws couldn’t be any easier and the instructions are right here on Kids Activities Blog.

8. Cute Little Sombrero Food Crafts

Cut Twinkies in two to make sweet little sombreros, perfect for a Fiesta or dessert on taco night from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.

9. Cool Yellow Bus Snack Cakes Edible Craft

Send the kids off to school with little yellow school bus snack cakes from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons. These are great for older kids who have to go to school and could be fun ways to celebrate the first and last day of school.

10. Awesome Twinkie and Tootsie Food Craft

Snack Cakes Almost Too Cute to Eat!: Two Twinkies decorated with chocolate fondant and icing so that they are puppies with their tongues out, with candy eyes. With a light blue tablecloth in the background.
The cutest little twinkie puppy snack cakes!

Twinkie and Tootsie are looking for a good home, so why not bring them to life in your own kitchen. Check it out at Hungry Happenings.

More Cake Recipes From Kids Activities Blog

3 2 1 birthday cake
Your imagination is the only thing that will limit your creations.

Did you and your family enjoy these snack cake recipes? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear!

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  1. Fun snack ideas for your child or with friends or a special occasion. I love the idea, and I had never thought of sprucing up snack cakes like this. I’ll for sure try some of these recipes! Look cute and delicious!