Your child can be a comic…a comic writer that is!   Make a story with this  free printable and your own art work.   Have you noticed that Kids Activities Blog loves free printables?

be a comic

Be A Comic

We love fairy tales and manga! Comic books are cherished over here – “animated novels” are one of the few things I can get my son to read for any length of time… and every family has a princess!   Today we tried our hand at writing a comic strip with a nifty, free printable (click any of the images to print the comic faces – here is a link to the comic template). I was thrilled to discover this set of faces on an art forum.   Razuri Chan agreed to let us feature her Manga faces for our kids writing activity.  

make a story

Make a Story

To make your own comic, print off the template and the collection of faces.   Cut the faces out, decide which people and expressions you want to feature.   This is a great chance to talk with your child about how stories have a progression from beginning, middle and end.   Try and have your child line up the faces in the order of the plot, then glue them onto your page.   After they are glues, embellish with bodies and text “bubbles”. make a comic

Our Fairy Tale Manga

In my son’s story, the princess finds a spider and can’t kill it.   Her two friends also see the spider and they are scared too.   She calls for help and the lightning ninja-man comes to her rescue.   She celebrates with her friends before discovering another spider.   Boys. . This time I wrote the words for my kiddo, maybe next time he’ll write the whole thing himself!!!   My kindergartener & first grader are taking baby steps to becoming comic strip artists!! .

What would your kids write a comic about??

  • Comic Faces to Print
  • Comic Template to Print
Comic Face Images used with permission, all ownership of the manga faces belongs to Razuri.   Feel free to print for yourself or for classroom use – not for commercial gain.

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