Have you been looking for a sewing book for kids with fun and creative projects?  Not sure where to begin? Well then, take a look at Sew Together Grow Together which features 20 easy to make sewing projects developed and road-tested over two decades in classes and workshops with children aged between five and twelve. You’ll find funny huggable monsters, mama and baby animals, bags to carry all your child’s treasures, games to go and lots lots more.

sew together grow together

These projects are not only heaps of fun to make but will teach your kids the basic techniques of how to sew as well as offering suggestions to help inspire and ignite their creativity. Through simple clearly set out sewing tutorials you and your children will learn how to make your own felt softie companions and toys as well as how to design and decorate cushions, bags and familiar childrens’ games. All the projects involve adults and children working together and are suitable for people with absolutely no sewing experience. They can easily be made in a single afternoon and because they are wholly hand-sewn no expensive machines are required.


The ebook is available from Amazon and to celebrate the launch it can be purchased for US$5 during the first week only. The regular price of the ebook edition is US$9.95.

The print edition can be purchased from Etsy  for AU$24.95

To get you started on your sewing adventures I’ve designed this little fridge magnet Owl that you can make together with your kids.

sewing book for kids

What You’ll Need





Polyester Fiberfil

Two strong magnets


What To Do

The first step is to download the Owl template.

pic owl1

Use the template to cut out two body shapes (dark pink above), a beak (light pink above) and eyes (white and black circles above).

pic owl2

Glue the 2 magnets inside as above.


Pin the two body shapes and the beak together an sew around the owl leaving an opening for stuffing as above.

pic owl4

Stuff with a little polyester fiberfill to pad out the owl’s body and sew the opening closed. Last of all, glue on big open eyes.

Of course,  you can leave out the magnets and make your owl into a huggable little softie.

And if you’re child really loves owls you might like to make this little owl family taken from the projects in Sew Together Grow Together.

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This zenkidu is one of our favorite hand sewing projects!

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