Playdough is so much fun to play with!  With endless possibilities for play, you can try new and creative ways to have fun with it.  You can even make your own!

15 Creative Playdough Fun Ideas

15 Ideas for Fun with Playdough

We’re sharing some of our favorite play ideas inspired by Georgina from Craftulate.

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1.  Add feathers, craft foam beak and straw legs to playdough – your toddler has made a bird!

2.  Get creative with homemade dough and make pretend  mud and grass for some sensory play.

3.  Have you played with play dough tattoos?

4.  Here is a recipe for the most soft playdough  you will find!

5.  Add pouch caps to your dough for wheels and make play dough cars.  Vroooom!

6.  Create “delicious” “ice cream” creations with our homemade chocolate ice cream play dough recipe.

7.  Make your own homemade dough with all-natural ingredients!  Use herbs and spices to color and scent your dough!

8.  Make your own play dough puzzle for kids.

9.  Did you know homemade playdough can be made with Jello?   AMAZING colors and scents!

10. Gingerbread are fun to make year ’round with this gingerbread play dough idea.

11.  Add glitter to your playdough for some sparkly fun.

12.  Help your toddlers begin letter recognition by tracing a letter into dough and let them outline it in pieces of colored straws.

13.  Buy, sell and make all sorts of goodies in the play dough candy store.

14.  Even toddlers can these fun dough  monsters!  Just add googly eyes, straws and pouch caps.

15.  Use playdough to  learn addition!  Try different materials in your home like marbles to press into playdough and add.

Pssst…more clay crafts for kids.

Have we missed any your kids enjoy?

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  1. Maybe I’m being too generous to my toddler, but I let him put playdough through the pasta maker and make his own spaghetti!