Easter Eggs are fun to both decorate and decorate with!   We have scoured the internet and have *another* 30+ Ideas of ways to decorate, play and craft with eggs!!

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Decorate your Eggs

Dye your Easter Eggs, using hot glue and a vinegar-based dye for a fun effect! This traditional egg-dying activity uses Koolaid as the dye!   The eggs smell wonderful! Baking Soda and vinegar make an explosion.”   Use that to your advantage in this dying activity. You know our Spray Art T-shirts??     We use sharpies and alcohol to create a tie-dye effect on shirts.   This momma does the same thing, only her canvas is eggs!   Brilliant “ and fun! Nail Polish!!   It floats in water, making it perfect for a marbelization experiment.   Watch the paint swirl.   This activity is perfect for older girls.   Here is another version that we love too! Decorate still-warm hardboiled eggs with crayons.   Melt them onto your egg’s shell!   Lovely! Are you looking for alternatives to egg-dying??   Try some of these.

. easter egg crafts and activities

Unique ways to stuff and hide your eggs

Chalkboard paint is *so* versatile.   Color on your painted eggs with chalk, she used rocks so the eggs would be re-usable. Decorate rocks “ use glitter paint and hide these egg stones in the garden. Fill real eggs with candy using this simple tutorial, all you need are eggs and cupcake wrappers. Write a message for your friend.   Roll it up and stick it inside an egg for them to discover!   Better than Candy. Instead of filling your eggs with candy, consider adding privilege cards inside your eggs.   Your kids will love their “rewards”. Hide some musical egg “shakers” for your kids to discover in the yard. easter egg crafts and activities

Learning about and with EGGS

Eggy Science!   Make naked eggs “ your kids will love learning about the anatomy of a cell with this activity. Do you know how to tell a hard boiled egg from a raw one?   This is a great way to find out! Chemical reactions are fun to watch and explore.   Make a collection of “Magic Eggs” for your kids to “hatch”. We all know the importance of brushing our teeth – your kids can literally see the importance using eggs, soda and a toothbrush for this science/hygiene lesson. Explore crystals as you make egg geodes with this fun tutorial. easter egg crafts and activities

Crafting with Eggs

Egg Paint “ mix egg yolk with chalk to create this paint. Ages ago, we painted a canvas by rolling balls – the kids had a blast!!   You can also use plastic Easter eggs – easier clean-up.   Dispose of the eggs when you are done. Did you know potatoes make the best egg stamps?   This project came out stunning! Use Easter eggs to create a sound guessing game for your kids. Make a mosaic with your egg shells after your Easter festivities are over. Make an edible eggy bracelet using jelly beans for the beads in a bracelet. easter egg round up

Play with Eggs

Use leftover Plastic Easter Eggs as mold to create the best popsicles! Use plastic Easter eggs as molds for fun treats, like rice krispies! Shaving cream on cardboard makes for a fun Easter decoration.   They are beautiful! Paint your eggs with homemade paint brushes – the effect is stunning. Your kids will love making music with a set of egg rattles. Make a set of Wobblers.   Stuff some dough in the bottom of your eggs as weights to hold “Humpty” upright. Do you have a Dr. Who fan at your house??   Decorate an egg to be a Daleck. Easter Egg Roundup

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