For me, mess-free road trip activities are a must!  Long car rides with preschoolers are  stressful enough without worrying about scraping stickers off the windows or scrubbing melted crayon off the back seat.  But you’ve got to keep them occupied right?  Kids Activities Blog has got you covered with the very best mess-free road trip activities on the web. road trip activities

Mess-Free Road Trip Activities

Hours of mess-free fun to be had with these magnetic peg dolls, from Buzzmills, they stick to their metal container! Lacing cards are the perfect self contained craft for the car, I especially love these summer themed free printable sewing cards. Let them doodle without leaving a mark with  this fun and easy to make travel sized felt board by small + friendly. Have even more felt fun with this DIY memory game. Paint chip color matching is great way to play and learn on the go from Moonfrye! Have legos will travel, this simple portable lego kit means your preschooler can build in the back seat. Travel tangrams by Delia Creates aren't just really fun, they're self-containted! My kiddo loved this free printable road trip bingo from Simple as That on our last trip. Preschoolers will love this button snake, a clean and quiet fine motor activity. Classic Play has three great DIY travel games, I really love the tic tac toe board. These brilliant I Spy bags by Things for Boys are a must for your next long car ride. Pretend play is great for the car.   Open a mess-free sandwich shop in the back seat with these free printables. My Life at Play Time has great suggestions for fun games the whole family can enjoy, I especially like the story builder! Keep them interested in all these cool activites and avoid the are we there yets   with this awesome road trip activity countdown from small + friendly. Here’s hoping your next long car ride is full of good clean fun!    

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