It’s almost kiddie pool weather and that means it is time for pool games!   Our kids are super excited to blow up the pool and have a little pool play together.  We at Kids Activities Blog can’t wait to hear the giggles from kiddos as they splash and play in the pools again.

Pool games for Kiddie Pool Play TimePool Games

We use the kiddie one for the beginning of summer as a splashing pad, until the big pool is warm enough to enjoy.   Our rule is that it has to be 80 degrees out for three days in a row and on the third day we’ll dig it out.   As we are in Texas, I bet the pool will be out soon! Here are just a couple of the ways our kids have added some fun to our kiddie pool time: Fill your pool up with water balloons.     It’s like swimming in a pool full of balls.   For kids you are helping get ready for the “real” pool season, consider having them push the balloon across the water with their noses.   That will help your kids get used to putting their faces in the water.   If you don’t have balloons, try ping pong balls.   If you are really daring, and have some rowdy older kids, consider using a smaller bouncy ball.   Coat it with vegetable shortening.   Your kids will have a blast trying to hold onto the ball.

Pool Play time in the Kiddie Pool {Pool Games for Kids}

Pool Play

Make sensory bags for your kiddie pool.   We filled ours with water and fabric flowers.   The younger tots loved squishing the flower around in the water and watching it swirl.   You could also make one with feathers.

Other items you can put into your kiddie pool:

  • A collection of sponges
  • Water beads and a net (go fishing for the beads)
  • Cut-up pool noodles (add toothpicks and have your kids make floating sculptures)
  • Squirt guns.   Everything is more fun with squirt guns!
  • Play tea set.   Serve each other tea at the poolside.

Fun pool games for the kiddie pool {Pool Play}

More Kids Activities

What pool games are your kids most looking forward to playing?  What other ideas do you have for some fun pool play? For more great kids activities, take a look at these cute ideas:

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  1. What great idea. I’ve known people fill balloons with sweets and toys for parties – so why not flowers for pools :O)

  2. Love the ideas! Sorry not trying to damper your great ideas but I feel obligated to give some warning. Water balloons are so much fun but please beware that they are a HUGE choking hazard! I have been lifeguard certified for over 10 years now and own my own swim lesson business. If a child swallows a broken balloon in the water it can get caught in their throats and make it nearly impossible to get it out or perform rescue breathing or CPR. Water balloons are super fun! Just make sure your kids understand not to put them in their mouths and keep and eye on the little ones who don’t understand. Thanks again for the great ideas! Looking forward to getting out a kiddie pool for my little guy who is about a year and a half!