As the temps rise, our desire to live in the water rises too! We are at the pool or splash pad every chance we can get there – and then we come home to the sprinkler. If you are looking for something different to do with your kids, outside, in the water, today – so are we! Here are some of the ideas that have been linked up in previous It’s Playtime Linky parties. They have all been added to our summer bucket list of ideas – things we “gotta do” before school starts back up again. playing with water   Today’s compilation of playing with water ideas was inspired by At Home with Ali – this is so simple it’s brilliant!   She got a collection of kitchen items from strainers, cutting boards, bowls, pitchers, and had fun watching her kids create “waterfalls” as they poured the water over their towers of items.   This will be sure to entertain my kids for awhile!!   Thanks Ali – and thanks to everyone else who added ideas for us. .
  1. Make a water wall – this momma said it took her a trip to Lowes or your hardware store – and a couple of dollar store funnels. I bet my preschoolers would love it! You can also use this with a ping-pong ball in the fall.
  2. Give the kids spray bottles and fill them with cold water. Lots of fun if you have a fan nearby too! The kids can spray themselves in the wind.
  3. Having an attrition rate of the pool toys? We are too! Love these “water bombs” made from colorful sponges, cut and tied together.
  4. Have a contest to see who can make the biggest “squid” or who can catch the runaway fish (cover it with grease first to make it more difficult!)
  5. Have a water balloon toss. You can use towels and toss the balloons between “teams”.
  6. Get a bunch of bowls, various spoons, measuring cups, etc. and have a blast practing pouring with your preschooler. A gal brought similar toys to our pool last week and made my tots afternoon!
  7. Have a sticky patio from picnic lunches outside? Use supersoakers to clean up the mess!
  8. Have a pool noodle sword fight. Add a beach ball to the fray – or have some pool jousting.
  9. Teach your kids to swim... Love these tips for parents. Great for when the swimming lessons have ended, but the kids could still use the practice.
  10. Add ice to the kiddie pool fun, or to a water table for your kids to cool off with.
  11. Liven up the slip and slide with a can or three of shaving cream!
  12. Play one of these fun pool games with your kids and their pals!
  Want more ideas of ways to play with water?   Check out our kids swimming resources, check out our other collection of ideas. Can’t make it to a pool or don’t have access to water? Here are some other ideas of ways you and your kids can stay cool and active this summer! . Thanks all of you for adding some simple fun activities to help fill our summer days! Want to be featured? Add a link. I glean from the link-up for most of my compilation posts, for the stuff that you find on my facebook wall, twitter, etc. Give me the chance to promote you! . The It’s Playtime weekly link-up is featured on the following blogs: * Anna : The Imagination Tree * Jamie : hands on : as we grow * Rachele : Messy Kids * Jenny : Let the Children Play .

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