This week's pick for our  best blog  feature is  Busy Kids Happy Mom. We are featuring an interview with Kristen  today and rounding up some of our favorite Busy Kids Happy Mom  posts this afternoon.  Kids Activities Blog is so excited about our best blog series.  We are hoping to introduce you to some sites you won't want to miss! Busy Kids Happy Mom

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Busy Kids Happy Mom  keeps life real on her blog. She proudly shares that her blog  is a  Guilt-Free Zone and that she is not a perfect mom!

Busy Kids Happy Mom

We are interviewing Kristen  today to find out about the mom behind  Busy Kids Happy Mom. Why did you begin blogging? My adventures on Busy Kids Happy Mom began in the summer of 2011. I wanted to blog for several reasons: 1. I like having all of my ideas and resources in one place because I love to share! 2. It is a creative outlet for me and allows me to document some of the things we do as a family. 3. I’m also a certified Reading Specialist and have worked with elementary age kids for over 15 years. 4. I like to focus on ideas for school age kids. Summer Fun, Crafts, Travel, and more! What do you hope to inspire in the parents who read your blog? Busy Kids Happy Mom is a place to find a little bit of fun and a little bit of practical information to use in your own home. Everything from how to organize your snacks to age appropriate chores to fun crafts for your school-age child. Busy Kids Happy Mom What is it like to live in your home? I’m the mother of two school age boys. They are best of friends and also super creative themselves! What are your kids favorite activities? One of our most favorite activities (that my husband, Mr. BKHM came up with) is our Nerf Gun Target practice. It’s fun, easy to set up, and we already had all of the supplies! It’s brought us hours of fun and it’s perfect for cold or rainy days. What is important to YOU as a blogger? My blog is a  Guilt-Free Zone.  I do like to share things that have worked for us, if you like it – pin it and save it for later. What is your advice to readers? If you want to have amazingly creative kids who can problem solve and think critically, turn off the TV and create!

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You can catch Kristen on her blog at Busy Kids Happy Mom,  Facebook and Pinterest. Thanks so much Kristen for inspring us to be a little organized, have fun with our kids and let them create!

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