This octopus kite is amazing! Want some fun and inexpensive ways to entertain your kids this summer? Say no more! This octopus kite is amazing, giant, colorful, and a fun way to play outside. It’s a classic outside toy that the whole family can enjoy on a breezy day!

Colorful giant octopus kite flying in blue sky with white clouds by dad and child in green meadow
This giant octopus kite is so colorful and fun!

Fun Giant Octopus Kite

You can now get your kids a giant octopus kite and it’ll entertain them (possibly the entire family) for hours! Kites are a classic toy that many of us played with when we were little. It’s been years since I played with one, but this octopus kite makes me want one. For my kids of course…

We live in a technological era and so it can be hard to get kids outside, but this is an amazing way to get them outside! You can get their favorite colors, run, and watch this octopus kite fly!

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Red giant octopus kite flying in blue sky with white clouds with husband and child in a green field
You can get this octopus kite in plain colors too.

How To Use This Octopus Kite

This giant kite requires no assembly at all. Simply take it out of the bag and you’re ready to go fly it on a windy day. It’s that easy, just open it up and connect the string.

This is much easier than the kites I played with as a kit that required you to put together tails, sticks in a cross, and then add the string. Plus, this kite is cloth, mine were always plastic and tore.

Red octopus kite and blue packaging against white background
This octopus kite comes in a small package to help you keep it untangled and together.

Giant Kite Octopus Specifications And Dimensions

Red octopus giant kite held by little girl flying against a blue and white sky
This octopus kite is a great way to enjoy a sunny and breezy day.

It also comes in several color variations including: red, red with rainbow tentacles, orange, pink and purple. I bet the kids are going to love this and at this price, you can totally afford to get each kid one!

Pink and rainbow octopus kite flying in clear blue sky
I love this pink octopus!

This kite is pretty big. It’s dimensions are 157.48x 49.21x 31.5 inches! Crazy right?! And the packaging is a fraction of that! It’s perfect for kids 5 years old and up and even has a warranty. Pretty awesome, right?

Where To Get Your Octopus Kite

Red long tentacled octopus kite with blue packaging against white background
This octopus has long and wiggly tentacles! How fun!

You can get a Giant Octopus Kite on Amazon for less than $15 here.

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What do you think about this giant octopus kite?

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