Here at Kids Activities Blog we absolutely love celebrating Day of the Dead with kids and Fisher Price has launched the coolest special edition set of Dia de Muertos Little People with Calavera face paint. Check out the 3 figure Little People set for Day of the Dead and where you can buy them.

Little People Collector Dia de Muertos figuring set in  box and sitting on white background from Fisher Price labeled ages 1-101
This Day of the Dead Little People SEt from Fisher Price is so cool!

Day of the Dead Little People Set

This set of 3 Little People from Fisher Price is awesome. Kids of all ages…and yes, many adults…will be thrilled to see the cute details on this collector set for Dia de Muertos.

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3 Little People Figurines from Fisher Price shown with measurement of 2.5 inches tall and details such as traditional Dia de Muertos dress and cavalera face paint
Love the Details on these Dia De Muertos Toys

Fisher Price Dia De Muertos Collector Set

Celebrate Dia de Muertos with this Little People collector set featuring 3 different Little People dolls styled in beautiful traditional dress. This toy set was inspired by the memories surrounding Dia de Muertos as seen in the details:

  • Cavalera face painting with details like flowers, dots, hearts, skeleton and more
  • Flower head decoration
  • Traditional hat with skeleton detail
  • Guitar
  • Each figure stands 2.5 inches tall
  • Recommended for any age from 1-101 & makes a great gift.

Day of the Dead Dolls from the Front

Dia de Muertos Fisher Price Little People dolls (3 on white background) as seen from the front
These Dolls are so Cute!

Check out all the cool details packed into tiny Little People packages!

Day of the Dead Dolls from the Back

Dia de Muertos Fisher Price Little People dolls (3 on white background) as seen from the back
Love the Hat on the Middle Little People Doll

The details go all the way around this set of collector dolls for kids and adults.

Where to Buy Day of the Dead Little People Collector Set

Grab your set of Fisher-Price Little People for Dia de Muertos at Amazon where we found the best price. There are already over 600 ratings with an average 4.9. It looks like they are currently in stock and delivery could be quick.

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Did you love the idea of these cute Fisher-Price Little People Dia de Muertos toys? Tell us in the comments!

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