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Lego Art for Kids: Colorful Lego Printing for a Cool Lego Activity

Lego Art

My son loves painting and he loves Lego so what could be more fun than combining the two to create some bright and colorful art? We recently tried Lego printing where we used our Lego bricks as stamps. My son had a great time experimenting with printing different shapes and sizes of Lego bricks and watching the results as he tried printing on different sides of the bricks. This easy kids’ art activity was quick and simple to set up and provided lots of opportunities for talking about colors and shapes.

Art with Legos?  Try Lego Printing for some cool Lego art!

Art with Legos

You only need a few supplies to make your own Lego prints – paint in different colors, Lego bricks and paper. It’s fun to choose Lego bricks in different shapes and sizes to add interest to your finished design. Begin by dipping your Lego brick into some paint. We found that it was best not to over-saturate the brick with paint, otherwise there is not enough definition in the prints. When we had too much paint on our bricks, we simply stamped the brick onto the paper plate first, and then stamped it again onto our paper.

Lego Printing for Kids {Cool Lego Art}

Lego Printing

Adding paint to the underside of the bricks gave a fantastic outline of the shape and some open circles. We also tried dipping the “dots” side of the brick into the paint and then stamping that pattern inside the rectangle prints to make a really authentic looking Lego design. My son even experimented with dipping the sides of the bricks into the paint and stamping a solid rectangle of color onto the page.

Lego Art - Try Lego Printing for some cool art with Legos

Lego Activity

This was lots of fun to create and there are so many ways you could use your final prints. It would make some very fun and colorful gift wrap. It could even be turned into a birthday card for a Lego fan or a Lego themed birthday party. You could also try constructing pictures or patterns with your Lego stamps.

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Has your child ever tried Lego art or Lego printing?  What other ideas can you think of for making art with Legos?  For more great Lego kids activities, you might want to piece together some ideas from these brick building posts:

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