Add some thinking games to your Thursday. Practice problem solving and reasoning skills while having fun with mazes for kids.   Kids Activities Blog encourages you to take a look at  these a-maze-ing ideas.


Kids Activity for Thursday

Download these maze printables and let your kids have fun solving them. Maze Printable 1 Maze Printable 2

Mazes for Kids

Rachel (the original Quirky Momma) teaches us  how to draw a maze  by planning out your route. This is great for making mazes that have even a little bit of difficulty.

Lego Maze

Creating a maze with Legos is perfect for your Lego-loving kids. Using a base plate helps to keep the maze walls intact, but you can also just use the floor. Create a path wide enough for a car or favorite toy to travel through. Add turns and dead ends.  You can vary the difficulty of the maze by adding more wrong paths. For young children, stick to a simple path with few or no wrong turns.

mazes for kids

After you create the maze, drive your cars through it. Be careful or you might run into a wall! lego maze For an added challenge, hide your maze inside a box. Can you make your way through the maze without seeing inside? I shared this idea over at A Mom With A Lesson Plan.

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  1. I love this idea!! I have two lego lovers/builders here ages 6 & 8. I’ll have to give this a try : ) Thanks!

  2. Can I link this under M for Mazes for my ABCs Thrifty Teaching Tools? here is my email: su************@gm***.com – or maybe I already asked if I could use one of your posts for L for Legos – my mind is overloaded! lol. Thanks.