Are you looking for easy Christmas crafts for the holiday season? Here’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit! Make a Christmas craft that looks like a Poinsettia flower. In just three steps, you’ll have a fun project you can put on your front door, on your Christmas tree, or wherever you think fits best your color scheme and home decor!

The best thing about this easy craft is that it comes with a free printable that makes it even easier.

Image shows a christmas poinsettia finished craft. from Kids Activities Blog
Such a beautiful flower craft!

Make Simple Christmas Crafts

The perfect Christmas craft is here! This poinsettia craft is one of our favorite festive decorations for the whole family. It’s so easy peasy that it can be made by kids of all ages, including younger kids with little hands and older kids of any skill level. It’s an easy way to promote fine motor skills and bring holiday cheer to the house. Adults will have a great time making DIY Christmas decorations before the big day.

Honestly, there’s no better way to spend family time together than by making holiday decorations! In fact, it can even become a Christmas tradition – to sit close together and make some easy Christmas crafts while drinking hot cocoa.

Happy Christmas crafting!

Supplies Needed To Make A Christmas Craft

  • free printable
  • scissors
  • glue
  • red paper
  • green paper
  • yellow paper
  • optional: red pom poms, sequin beads, small pine cones, candy canes, and any other embellishments.

Instructions Needed To Make A Christmas Craft

Step 1

Grab your supplies and print the free template.

Image shows the supplies needed to make a christmas craft poinsettia - step 1
Print our free Poinsettia template!

Step 2

Cut out each part of the poinsettia plant: the leaves on the green paper, the petals on the red paper, and the pistil on the yellow one. 

Make a christmas craft - poinsettia craft - Kids activities blog - step 2
Follow the template.

Step 3

Assemble the poinsettia flower! With a bit of glue, adhere the bigger petals in a star shape, making sure they touch at the bottom. Then, place the smaller petals on top of the bigger ones, alternating, so the ends stick out. Continue with the third layer of petals until you’ve placed all of them. Finally, glue the yellow pistil on top and the green leaves on the back of everything.

Make a christmas craft - poinsettia craft - Kids activities blog - step 3
Your poinsettia craft is all done! Hooray!

Download Poinsettia Template here

Poinsettia Template

What I’d do differently

If you want to give poinsettia crafts as handmade gifts, all you have to do is put a homemade Christmas card on it and give it to all family members. You can also decorate your mason jar crafts with them to give these great gifts an even more festive feel.

You can glue a piece of string on the back and use them as homemade ornaments too, or simply make these holiday crafts during winter break with your little ones. Christmas time will become even more special now!


Did you enjoy making this Christmas craft poinsettia?

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