If you were just thinking to yourself that you could go for some Pocky’s but can’t decide which flavor, say no more!!

Costco Is Selling A Pocky Variety Pack Proving Dreams Really Do Come True!

I was browsing my local Costco the other day, minding my own business when I came across this Pocky variety pack.

It comes with 12 packs of Pocky with 3 different flavors including:

  • (3) Cookies & Cream Pocky
  • (6) Chocolate Cream Pocky
  • (3) Strawberry Cream Pocky

These covered biscuit sticks are the perfect on-the-go snack and this variety pack is perfect for road trips, parties and more!

The best part is, this variety pack is under $9 ($8.99 to be exact)!

That makes each pack of Pocky just $0.75!! That is an INSANE price considering these sell individually for $3-$5 in stores.

Run into your local Costco to try to find this.

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