Have you ever had a nap-over party? They are some of our kids favorite play dates. A nap-over is the perfect solution for kids who are too young or who want the sleep over experience, only without the 2am pick-up trips, or days of recovery from no sleep.

Thanks to Scholastic and EVEREADY ® for inspiring our book-themed nap-over party.

So, what is a nap-over?

We invite friends over to pretend it’s bedtime and enjoy naptime together, doing things we would typically do at a slumber party.

How to throw your own Book-Nap-Over:

1) Ask all the kids to bring three of their favorite books. If your party is for a birthday, encourage the kids who are coming to bring a book for your child to add to their library.

2) Try to have a mix of kids who can read with kids who are still learning. This is the perfect party for older siblings to come along!

3) Find a tight space for your kids to hole up. You can create a fort, hide behind a wall of pillows, make a tent with sheets, throw a blanket over a table and create a “cave”, etc. The possibilities are endless.

4) Grab some reading aids. Reading is more fun when you have a flashlight to shine on the words, or a magnifying glass to make the words even bigger.

4) Prepare some fun snacks for your book worms. We created a s’more dip for graham crackers. It was fun – and super tasty, but s’mores are sticky. You will need to have baby wipes handy to keep your books clean. Other snack ideas: Trail mix, gummy worms, cookies and milk.

5) Make a craft together – decorate book marks (there is a printable book mark on the Scholastic Site) or even popsicle stick characters as a craft when you need a break to stretch your legs.

6) Bring the blankets, pillows and pjs. You want to be nice and comfy for your afternoon reading.

7) Turn down the lights. Reinforce reading comprehension (or listening comprehension) and have your kids retell, and embellish, the stories they have read while holding a flashlight under their chins. Have extra batteries handy nearby.

If you are in NYC, head over to the Scholastic Store in NYC October 18th for a Pajama Jam Book Party!?

Super Easy S’more Dip


1 Jar of Marshmallow Fluff
1 packet of colorful chocolate candies
Several tablespoons of hot fudge
Graham Crackers

Heat the fudge and the fluff for 30 seconds in the microwave, to make it easier to stir and spoon into your cup.

Layer the marshmallow with the fudge. Add colorful candies on top. We poured the whole bag in and the chocolate pieces fell to become mixed throughout the dip. Enjoy.

Scholastic and EVEREADY ® are teaming up to help parents shine a light on reading, even in the dark!  EVEREADY ®’s high quality  batteries and flashlights are reliable  and affordable and can be purchased  at Dollar General or Target.  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of EVEREADY ®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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