We love to wear dresses, the more color they have and the more they “flounce” the better they are. A few weeks ago Elmer’s sponsored a craft camp – my kids had a blast making some giant fabric wall letters, and we had so many leftover supplies we dug the box out again the next time we had guests over. This time, we had four girls and two boys here for a slumber party and while the boys play pirates, the girls made flower skirts.

DIY pillowcase skirt

. What you need to create pillowcase skirts:

Pre-washed Pillowcases. Elmer’s Permanent Markers Cardboard Boxes (to protect your surfaces) Acrylic paints Water Eye Droppers Vinegar

Stuff the cardboard inside the pillowcase. This will help prevent the marker from bleeding onto your table and will help provide a sturdy surface for the girls to decorate on. We began our “party” decorating our pillowcases with the markers. Some of the girls drew flowers, others faces, others made butterflies, while the youngest scribbled on all of the masterpieces. We were blessed to have some incredibly patient and indulgent girls who tolerated my 2 year olds participation. Even the boys decided to help.

girls slumber party activity.

Once your pillowcase is adequately decorated (are they ever?? I had a hard time dragging one of the girls away from her creation), mix some acrylic paint with water and use this “paint” mixture to fill-in your drawings. The paint helps seal the permanent marker and adds color to your project.   You can use an eye-dropper instead of a paintbrush, it works like a straw or paint-pen.   Fill it with paint and write with it.   This is a less messy way to paint, well, as long as they don’t “spray” the paint everywhere.   We loved mixing our colors by painting one color then, as it is wet, brushing another color over it. The colors would bleed together to create a fun effect. . After your pillowcase has dried. It is time to “cure” it. Wash it in hot water with two cups of vinegar. The heat and the vinegar will help “set” the dyes. Be sure to wipe out your washer before re-using it. The colors did bleed a bit the first time, but it added to the “effect”. I did not notice any bleeding after the third wash, but you might want to wash it with mixed colored items for awhile to be sure. . To create your pillowcase into a dress, string elastic through the one end and straight hem the other side. You should have a simple elastic band straight skirt. My preschoolers loved personalizing their clothes!   And my youngest preschooler especially loves wearing the skirt “she made with her friends”.   Want a more detailed tutorial on how to create a pillowcase skirt, check out Snip and Snail.

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