We have collected the most exciting birthday party activities for kids and their party guests from all over the internet and beyond. From DIY cloud dough to competitive games, we have activities and fun ideas for kids of all ages. Grab your party supplies, your birthday party themes, and let’s get to the party planning!

Image shows a collage of circular pics depicting different types of birthday party activities on a white background with purple stars and yellow balloons and candles in blue form Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have a birthday party!

There is so much fun to be had at a child’s birthday party! A birthday celebration is more fun with party favors, a great birthday party theme, ice cream, birthday cake, and the best part – the guest of honor!

FAVORITE children Birthday Party Activities

Different themes for a child’s birthday party allow kids of all ages to have a great time with the birthday child. Once you decide on the kids’ birthday party ideas they can decide on fun birthday party games to play.

Children and fun birthday party activities just go together!

That is one of the reasons why these amazing birthday party ideas are so perfect. These activities will encourage a little creativity from some and a lot from others! Most children’s birthday party activities are a classic party game or two from the party host and are cut and dry, but these birthday party games will make their home party the event of the year!

If these kids’ birthday party ideas look like fun but you’re not the creative type, don’t worry we’ll provide all the help you’ll need!

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Image shows large tissue paper numbers in pink and yellow and blue and orange on large sticks from Kids Activities Blog.
You’re how old?

1. Tissue Paper Birthday Number

A tissue paper birthday number is a great option for the party table at no additional cost. All you need is a couple crafting supplies and then you can make colorful and simple birthday decorations for anyone! It doesn’t matter what age you turn you can make these birthday number decorations!

Picture shows a child blowing on a red noise maker with a white background wearing a purple birthday hat from Kids Activities blog.
Let’s make some noise!

2. DIY Party Noise Makers

Noise makers are so much fun to create and use! A party is not a party without noise makers. But noise makers can add up especially if you’re having a big birthday party for kids. These are not only cheap, but so easy to make!

Image shows a birthday cake as a coloring page in black and white pictured with orange, pink, purple and blue markers from Kids Activities Blog.
Color your birthday cake design!

3. Birthday Cake Coloring Pages

Create your own birthday cake with these birthday cake coloring pages. Or use these birthday cake coloring pages as a birthday activity for kids! Kids birthdays can get rambunctious, settle things down with some nice coloring!

Picture shows two bracelets on a child's arm in purple, blue and black cheetah print, and pink, blue, green, orange, and white zigzag print from Kids Activities Blog.
These slap bracelets are a great way to identify the birthday kid!

4. DIY Slap Bracelets

DIY Slap Bracelets are like birthday magic that only require a few household items to make. I loved these growing up and I’m glad they are back. Make your own DIY slap bracelets to hand out as birthday favors at a kids birthday party!

Picture shows a collage of birthday party items. A rainbow colored piñata, chocolate cupcakes, homemade black keys, a lock box, and a happy birthday sign from Kids Activities Blog.
Can you escape?

5. DIY Escape Room

This DIY escape room for a kid’s birthday party is the perfect mix of adventure and messy fun! This is great for an older child’s birthday party! Can you escape this diy escape room?

Picture shows a sensory bin full of assorted objects with different textures, shapes, and sizes in every color from Little Bins for Little Hands.
Rainbow sensory bins are so fun!

6. Rainbow Sensory Bin

Create a rainbow sensory bin with Little Bins For Little Hands to welcome spring. This rainbow sensory bin is great for a toddlers birthday party or a preschoolers birthday party! All the kids can play, make a mess, and learn at the same time!

Picture shows a birthday invitation in the form of a baseball ticket and field pass in red, white, and blue from Simone Made It.
Enjoy America’s favorite past-time for your special day!

7. Baseball Party Ideas

Take me out to the ball themed birthday party! Let Birthday Ideas 4 Kids show you how to have the classic game of baseball as a party theme! This baseball themed birthday party is perfect for any baseball lover.

Picture shows a cake painting party with little girls dressed in all pink at an all pink table with yellow icing to paint with from Pizzazzerie.
Let’s paint a cake!

8. Cake Painting

Forget the games, and let your budding artist and the guest list paint the cake with Pizzazzerie. This is such a creative birthday activity for kids. Not only does it give you a moment to breathe, but kids can decorate their own little cakes!

Picture shows a table scape of decorations and plates and utensils in pink and white from Darling Darleen.
We love unicorns!

9. Unicorn Birthday Party

This unicorn party with its bright colors and fun games from Darling Darleen is sure to please! Unicorns are the best and I shan’t be convinced otherwise! And you can set up a magical birthday for your little one!

Picture shows a decorative bag with a clue attached to rainbow colored cardstock from House of Mahalo.
Scavenger hunts are so much fun!

10. Indoor Birthday Scavenger Hunt

House of Mahalo takes us through many ways to set up a birthday scavenger hunt. Birthday scavenger hunts are so great, especially for older kids. If you have a younger child you can still do a birthday scavenger hunt, but they’re definitely going to need a little help.

Image shows a collage of three pics of a little birthday girl dressed in white and a pink number 5 on her shirt, a picture of blue gift bags and coral nail polish, and a picture of the cake table and cupcakes from Pizzazzerie.
Let’s relax at the spa!

11. Spa-Themed Birthday Party!

Pamper your birthday girl with sweet treats and a nail and beauty bar from Pizzazzerie. This is the type of birthday party I need! A spa themed birthday party complete with spa themed treats and goodie bags!

Picture shows a collage of images of little kids running through obstacle courses in a backyard from Jac of All Things.
Will you reach the finish line first?

12. Backyard Obstacle Course Party

Make a DIY obstacle course with items like pool noodles and hula hoops from Jac of All Things. Get ready to get messy, because this backyard obstacle course is a load of fun! Water, mud, crawling, it’s perfect!

Picture shows a little boy sitting on the ground mixing ingredients in a green bowl with a white spoon for dinosaur fossils from The Simple Parent.
Let’s make dinosaur fossils!

13. Dinosaur Fossils Party

Create your dinosaur-loving birthday boy a fossil party from The Simple Parent. This is so cool! I love it and so will your child if they’re super into dinosaurs! Dig for dinosaurs like a real scientist!

Picture shows a collage of pics of decorations at a laser tag birthday party in blue and brown from Pretty My Party.
Let’s play laser tag!

14. Fantastic Laser Tag Themed Birthday Party

A play space big enough for a larger group will be needed for this laser party from Pretty My Party. Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun party! Who doesn’t love laser tag! This laser tag birthday theme is perfect for older kids.

Picture shows a sensory bin with rice dyed in a rainbow of colors, polka dotted multicolored numbers, candles in every color, and measuring cups and cupcake molds in pink, blue and orange from Pre-K Pages.
Use your senses for discovery!

15. Birthday Sensory Bin For Preschool

Little kids will have a great time using their senses to find small prizes in these bins from Pre-K Pages. This is another great birthday activity for preschoolers. I will say toddlers, but they may need some super vision because of the colored rice, unless you swap them out for sprinkles!

Picture shows a collage of images of children playing with construction items like hammers and nails with white boards from The Creative Mom.
Younger kids will think this party is just more fun!

16. Construction Birthday Party

Kids birthday parties will be a huge hit if there’s demolition like The Creative Mom uses. You know why I love this construction birthday party activity so much? Because not only is it fun, but it promotes fine motor skill practice too!

Picture shows a construction worker party food tables with white table cloths from Party Tinkers.
Construction worker dinner break!

17. Construction Party

Party Tinkers created little games and fun activities for this construction party. I love this construction themed party. Especially since every kids gets their own hard hat! And look! The little cones are holding the balloons, so cute.

Image shows a collage of pics from a toddlers construction party. A little bog in a white t-shirt, a chocolate cake, chocolate in clear plastic cups and yellow construction toys from Celebration Lane.
This party has a lot of free play for toddlers!

18. Construction Birthday Party

Celebration Lane throws a very cute construction-themed toddler birthday party, complete with plastic cups of “dirt.” These construction birthday party snacks and treats are so awesome. I love the buckets for the Cheetos and the cake is amazing.

Image shows two printed sheets of cake decorated with play dough in yellow and green with pink candles and blue and yellow with blue and purple candles from Preschool Play and Learn.
It’s so easy to have a good time with play dough!

19. Birthday Cake Playdough Mats

These printable sheets from Preschool Play and Learn provides your child a great place to play with play dough. Playdough is the most fun and the perfect birthday activity for preschool kids!

Picture shows two bins of colored rice filled with number shapes, pom moms, candles, ribbons, and spoons in a variety of colors from Happy Toddler Playtime.
Let’s do some math!

20. Birthday Math Sensory Bin

Need to sneak in a little math lesson- Happy Toddler Playtime has great children’s birthday party activities for you! And math aside, these birthday sensory bins are a fun way to explore colors, textures, and fine motor skills.

Picture shows a little boy offering red play dough cupcakes in green silicone wrappers from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Would you like a play dough cake?

21. Birthday Fun Playdough Activity

Encourage creativity and fine motor skills with this activity from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds. This birthday playdough activity for kids allows the birthday kid and their guests make their own playdough cupcakes.

Picture shows a table with two white bowls of paint, each with a balloon, one pink and one green with corresponding paint colors used to paint the white canvas above the paint from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds.
Painting with balloons is so much fun!

22. Painting With Balloons

Let your little ones paint their masterpiece with balloons from Teaching 2 And 3 Year Olds. Get ready to get messy! Make some awesome birthday art using balloons!

Picture shows a silver measuring spoon holding three spiny rubber balls in red, yellow, and purple from Hands On As We Grow.
There’s so much to explore!

23. Happy Birthday Sensory Bin

Help your favorite birthday kid explore their senses with this sensory bin from Hands On As We Grow. This sensory bin is perfect for a toddler or preschool birthday party! It’s so colorful!

Cloud dough in this pic is flour and lotion mixed with play spoons in blue, pink and purple, candles in assorted colors, and pink cupcake molds from I Can Teach My Child.
Cloud dough is so much fun to make!

24. Cloud Dough

This DIY cloud dough smells like birthday cake and is so much fun to make from I Can Teach My Child. This cloud dough bin is perfect for a birthday! It smells good, has candles, and sprinkles!


Which of the children birthday party activities are you going to try first? Which activity is your favorite?

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